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    1. angel as i said below on your other comment its not a tornado so shut the fuck 😈 up

    1. exactly what i thought when i saw this.. :S i wouldnt be standing there though.. maybe the person ran into the wall and kept trying to go, and eventually went up the wall :S if thats even possible

    1. More like woman driver. Dunno how she did it and she prbly doesn’t either…but they will ALWAYS find a way. LOL

  1. You idiots it was a tornado….. I know the title “Parking fail” will get more comments but it doesn’t take the idiot to figure out that it was a tornado that picked up that car and put it there. Look At the parts of the house and trees behind, there is damage everywhere. You are all so STUPID!!!

    1. youre the one who’s fucking stupid :O …
      the background of the picture is blurred and you cant see any trees or any damage
      stop posting worthless coments mothafucka
      and if it was a tornado it wouldnt be called parking fail. . .
      maybe you should learn how to read. . . 😆
      or get some glasses 😆
      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 😈

    2. well the green stuff in the background is trees obviosly 😆 but they arent damaged the other damage, like the pole lying around is the damage from the bitch reversing her car into teh house 😆 twisted:

    3. You can’t tell shit from the background. the trees look normal and house is damaged cause theres a fucking car in it :S dumbass.

  2. Shit like this is why I don’t dare let my wife drive my ride. She can fuck up her own car well enough.

  3. I had to look at this a while but I think I fugured it out. All of you are wrong, but most of you got at least part of it right. I believe that is a woman behind the wheel, or maybe a nancy boy with skinny a** arms.
    It Was Not A tornado, for two reasons,
    1. there are still screens on the window of the house, a tornado would have ripped them off.
    2. the cars airbags were deployed, which wouldnt have happened if the car wasnt running when it got in this accident.
    there is a downed pole. it looks like a light pole,
    and if the dumb b**** hadnt been cutting through a side yard at what looks like 40 mph or more, she wouldnt have clipped it like that to make her car do half a freaking cartwheel.

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