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    1. I’m sorry, but you must be somewhere on epic fail yourself.. Since when do you spell freak with a c?

  1. is it really supposed to say “vampire”.
    At first I thought it says Namjuice freack – wif heart 😛

  2. doesn’t it already spell “vampire”? the letters in the picture look right to me. Maybe i’m wrong and not seeing it right. But yeah, this is a pretty ugly tat.

  3. theres just way too many fails on this one,take a good look at the tattoo as well it looks more like a penis in a vagina rather than a heart alomg with all the other fails,

  4. there is just way to much wrong with that tat.. whats with the dr seuss hands for veins.. just messing with me!! what a FREAK!!

    1. He does… I know this guy, but what’s wrong about living in Mexico? I mean I don’t know what are you trying to say with your comment but I think it was a little bit rude, people just make BIG mistakes like this even the people that speaks english everyday c:

  5. The artist doesn’t know how to spell and is unaware of the anatomy of the Heart (supposed to have three ascending arteries from the Aorta). This tattoo is a hot mess. If you’re in doubt, at least google it lol …

  6. LMAO annnnnnnnd fake orange lightening bolts at both ends of the permanently massacred grammar….hoooray I really hope this guy just got punked and this shit washes off.

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