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  1. It’s a four wheeled drive! He can go anywhere! And that’s all the proof needed to show he’s a dumbass. And he has plenty of company.

  2. This is really only a fail to you yankees….I’m not a redneck by any means, but this is pretty common place in the south (Louisiana). It probably took him a full 5 minutes to pull it out with a wench. So really, the fail here is on

    1. ehh make that the “winch” version of “wench”. I don’t think whores could pull it out in 5 min….

  3. Big whooop.
    One log chain and a decent winch on another 4×4 truck and he’s out with minimal if any damage at all to the undercarriage or engine.
    Move along folks.

    1. Trucks don’t get any real than Dodge!
      Go get into your import rice burner and drive off a cliff.

    2. dodge sucks. The older rams sound nice but, chevy wins over everything 🙂

      And if anyone says anything about ford being the best then you should go die.

    1. Hey that’s in Sonora, Mexico and it didn’t take another 4×4, it took a tractor and two fire trucks, we couldn’t get the engine started and also it works fine, we just took it to a river a couple weeks ago, the picture was taken in january in october 2010 I think.

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