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    1. dont need to pull your mothers panties down the she sits at home naked with a cunt wide openin waiting for anyone or anything with a dick to stick it in… btw ill fuck ur dads ass as well..

    2. Nah I will just stick to mother fucking ….. By the way say hi to your mother for me

    1. no far from being the first, back in middle age, they used to catapult kids suffering from plague in the enemy’s fortress

  1. What is that thing? And why is it at a park for little kids? In my opinion, anything spinning so quickly that three human bodies can’t even begin to slow it down should not be readily accessible to children.

    1. Do you really think that that thing is being spinned automatically, like by an engine?? lol

      Pretty sure some dumass adult, like urself, spun it that fast and sat back to watch kids almost rip their arms off.

  2. @Psyduck, it’s a joke, a viral internet thing concerning Soviet/Mother Russia.

    And, this vid should be a bravery win for the little kid, even after seeing his friend get faceplanted, he still went for it LOL

  3. Kinda cool that this can be done someplace, and the kids enjoy it. In the U.S., it would just be a source for lawsuits. Kinda like Yupz would file…..

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