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    1. James, you shouldn’t have been born, I feel sorry for your parents having to put up with your life

    2. I once had a family member talk about forced contraception, and I thought it was fucked up. After seeing this, I’m on the fence now…

    1. more like our dumbass government handing out loans in a hopeless attempt to get some knowledge inside that empty coconut of hers.

  1. hah.. i bet justin bieber is a bigger star than the Sun..omg..olivia dear.. i have two words for you.. YOU FAIL!

  2. A fun fact for you all: Our star (teh sun) is also known as Sol and there is only one solar system in the (known) universe (Solar system is the name of our planetary system [Sol..Solar, see?])

    1. Just because we are the only def doesnt mean where the only one we dont know whats in other galaxies..either way the sun is a star

    2. me. you should revisit your fourth grade science text book before you go spouting off “fun facts”. My god it’s hilarious how smart it sounds like you think you are.

      Try this: there are something like 100,000,000,000 galaxies in our universe. Some galalxies have as many as 100,000,000,000 stars, it’s thought 1/4 of these stars have solar systems.

      Try reading something other than your frooty loops box, you fucking assclown.

    3. Me, you are incorrect. A solar system is any group of planets rotating around a star. The word “sol” is just the Latin word for “sun”.

    4. Me is quite correct. The Solar System is the only planetary system that can be called such because it orbits Sol. All other planetary systems are named for the star they orbit, e.g. the Gliese 832 system; the correct generic terms are planetary system, extrasolar system or exoplanetary system.

  3. i wonder if the people in these fails know they been posted on this site because this is pretty bad

  4. “My Professor”? Is she in college or something? how the hell is that possible? She must have mispelled Pimp

    1. Wrong! She wrote “my professEr”. I just checked Š° vocabulary and there is no “professer” in it. Maybe this girl created a new neologism and “professer” means retarted dumb not professor.

  5. Hell,she couldn’t even spell “professor” right…I’mn sure her parents are overjoyed that their money invested for her college education is paying off.

  6. Wow.. get’s told she’s wrong.. calls them an idiot.. and then morons actually back her up on here not know that we are making fun of her.. priceless.. now that’s a FAIL! what morons!

    SUN = STAR!! a main sequence star to be precise..

  7. Whatever you guys do, don’t let her know that the Earth is Round, she will freak out if someone told her that it’s not Flat.

  8. I feel really bad for a college professor who must spend his time teaching 4th-grade stuff like “what is the sun.” We’re doomed.

  9. Fail on several levels –
    Borddem is spelled boredom.
    The Sun is a star and my 6 year old son knows this.
    She’s using an iphone.
    She’s presumably using facebook.
    She then berates her facebook ‘friends’ for mocking her.

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