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  1. And maybe you meant “meant” instead of “ment”. The lack of spelling and grammar on this site is appalling. Some of you don’t have the skills of a second grader.

  2. When you gotta go, you gotta go. If he had left his daughter outside the bathroom, everyone would have called that a fail, too. She’s just a little and doesn’t have a dirty mind like the rest of you all. It could’ve been worse, that’s all I’m saying…

    1. I agree I have daughters and have to take them to the restroom with me. Feels kinda awkward if it’s a three seater and there is other guys in there though.

    2. Ok so all I’m gonna say is why is everyone ok with moms taking little boys into The ladies room but most people find it perverted and wrong when a dad takes his little girl into the men’s room? At that age a body part is just a body part.

    3. I agree with this. If he would’ve put her down on the floor, she would’ve been touching and messing with the other urinals. Would you rather her see something that she doesn’t really know what it is or even care what it is or messing with nasty, germ infested urinals. She’s at the curious stage. And she is too small to really know what she was looking at, I think its funny.

  3. This isn’t a fail. It is kind of cute. Little kids run away. At least he’s not letting her play with urinal cakes.

  4. How is this a fail? He has his little kid under control while he’s going to the bathroom. That’s called a win. You guys are pervs.

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