Dog Fail


Animal Fail

“This is what happens when you leave this  white boxer unsupervised. Somehow locked herself

in my friends room room, pissed & shit all over it, and got caught in his blinds and destroyed them. Classic.”

Submitted by Anthony and Matt L.

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    1. If you read just a little closer. It says that the dog locked itself in the room. You, my friend, are the idiot.

    2. Ya, every time my dog locks itself in a room, I totally expect it to fuck up my blinds. BTW the look on that dogs face is priceless. Has a “Am I in trouble?” look on its face lol.

    1. Dogs aren’t bad, its part of their nature. I have a cat, but thats no reason to hate on dogs, cause cats and most other pets aren’t perfect themselves. It’s pretty much up to a pet’s owner to make sure this crap doesn’t happen as much, if at all..

  1. I have a boxer but they r not that bad except she broke my charger, cds, sofa, xbox cable and everything precious to me. she is 7 months old.

    1. How the hell can you say a cat stinks?Think about it you don’t need to wash a cat or take it out to the park or something

    2. cats dont stink.. they just dont give a f**k about anyone or anything but food.. and taking shits in epic positions with epic expressions..

    3. They are just like children, if you don’t put your stuff up where they can’t get to it, what do you expect? Kids do the very exact same thing if they can get their hands on it, no difference.

    4. Tomcats do indeed stink. We had one that got shut up inside the house while we were gone. When we came home I opened the front door and the smell hit me in my face and I said if I cannot locate this smell and be able to clean it up, I’m going to have to move out cause I cannot stand that smell, it does not go away. I fortunately located it was on the bathroom rug, threw it into the wash and no more smell, but if it had sprayed in another location

    1. Q: Why does a father like his emo kid more than his lawn?

      A: The lawn doesn’t cut itself.

  2. The thing with having a dog is that you have to COMPLETELY break its spirit to be subservient to you. They do not belong in houses. They destroy everything until they are too old to move, and then die. Cats are 1/2 the hassle, and clean themselves. Cats do not typically stink. Dogs stink if they spend 5 minutes in Florida’s summer heat. Cat boxes might stink if the cat has a lazy human who doesn’t clean it out for him. Dogs are retarded. They are sometimes trained, but that doesn’t make them smart at all.

    1. Dogs can be really smart. Most are probably smarter than you. Have you ever seen a cat leading a blind person or sniffing out a criminal? Cats are as useless as fish except they shed everywhere. The only reason some dogs are misbehaved is because their owner does not know how to train them.

    2. Cats are mercenary and selfish creatures… they wont love you if you don’t give them exactly what they want. Dogs are loyal and friendly creatures who would usually take a bullet for their owner… I hate cats.

    3. I don’t understand why people dislike cats so much. So they don’t jump in your lap or come when you call. I like dogs and cats. You can train cats to fetch just like dogs. So they don’t “smile” or bark with joy, but they can protect you like any dog. I had a cat who whooped a doberman’s ass, the thing was twice its size. Both of the species can be smart but it depends on the breed and the owner who trains it.

    4. There is no love like a dogs love, Once they get past that puppy stage with proper training they are easy.Why dont they belong in houses? I have 4 inside dogs. Imagine being left tied up to something you wont like it. So why do it to a living being that pretty much act like people. Can a cat lead a person across the street, or turn on light switches, close doors, and various other things, NOPE

    5. The dog is starving to death, just look how his bones are showing and how empty his stomach is.

    6. You sound like an abuser. If you completely break their spirit then why in the hell would you even want a dog? They deserve to be kids too and grow into adults with training not breaking their spirits that leaves them to be like motorized robots, they can’t even be free to be who they were born to be just like breaking a human’s spirit, and believe me when I say, I know exactly how that feels and I would not wish that on anyone or any living thing ever.

    7. thats bullshit. ive never known anyone who owned a dog that did what you claim. you obviously did own a retarded dog in the past so now you stick to bumming cats.

  3. This is OWNER FAIL, not dog. So many animals die because they get caught and hang themselves in blinds. Owner should have made the room safe.

    1. Haha exactly how many animals die every year from getting caught in blinds? You’re talking shit and you know it… besides, if it’s cats hanging themselves then what’s the problem? Fucking selfish feline bastards…

  4. Epic Fail & Epic Ass Beating for that pooch. I’m glad he’s a boxer, hopefully he can take a good punch- cause it’s definitely coming…

  5. people who hate dogs have probably only been exposed to untrained ones who are all fucked up because of shitty owners. people who can’t properly train a dog should just get a cat instead. it’s the lazy man’s best friend.

  6. I would have shot your damn dog for that bull shit right there. I hope you paid for his shit and cleaned up your dogs mess. Fuckin dog lovin freaks.

  7. It’s cool bro, just put a witty little note next to the dog and take an instagram photo of it. Post it on facebook. It’s all good.

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