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    1. The audio is late. That is all it is. I watched a better version the lips matched up in that.

    1. who can really fake tht i mean really thts just something u cannot pull off by planning this is real u freakin tard

  1. at the end it sounds like hes asking if you ever had a dream where you wanted him to do you so much, you could do anything?!

  2. did he say… did you ever have a dream where you wanted him to do you so much that you could do anything? lol

  3. Yes indeed, you were the man behind the camera, and I should know. I’m the man he want’s to do. Lucky I had enough time to stroll away while he was finishing his sentence.

  4. Wow, most of the people commenting are pretty big assholes. The kid’s nervous and stuttering. It’s actually pretty cute. Maybe everyone here is saying the kid is retarded since most of the kids they come in contact with are too afraid to speak, and only start screaming after realizing there’s no candy in your van.

  5. Awww come on guys, he’s just a little kid. Don’t make fun of him and start calling him a retard. You used to be little kids and little retards too you know that, and I ,too,admit that i was a little retard when i was young. I asked my mom , ” Mommy, what’s a vagina?” in public before and i thought women give birth through their ass. So,we were all “retards”( if thats what you wanna call it) when we were young and I’m a fucking teenager.

  6. kid is brilliant 🙂 reading most of the comments make me puke… they really show they are retarded, unmature and not understanding anything.

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