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    1. @ O_M_F_G,

      Sit down, I have something to tell you…

      Your mom was the first to suck cock. — Let that soak in — and it was for dollar bills.

    1. You would pate your dog has died on my forhead… hey anything that helps take away the pain

    1. dogs are smarter than cats dumb ass… first of all it’s a scientific fact, second of all you never see police cats or fire cats or search cats. So not only are you an ignorant fuck up but you’re a cat loving faggot… Seriously bro what guy likes cats over dogs.

    2. Jesus, he obviously means that cats are more likely to come back than dogs. Dogs are kept inside or on a leash cause they tend to run off for whatever reason.

  1. Fail on both parts there. The guy is a failure because of the fact he doesnt know how to remove someone from having the ability to post comments on his facecrack. She is a failure because well as is clear…she isnt a good friend or even acquaintance but would probably be fun at parties…be it due to her sense of humor or possible indiscriminant promiscuity. Word to the wise, woman with an aggressively rude yet amusing sense of humor are generally more easy to get in bed…but you may want to invest in a ball gag.

    1. Who invited Corporal Buzzkill?

      Have you ever been told that you talk too much? Clearly over-thinking this one. Not sure how you can’t assume someone’s sexual activity, even orientation, based on a Facebook conversation. I’m guessing your the guy that goes to the bar and GUARANTEES that he’ll pick up… only to go home alone with excuses like ‘I wasn’t interested in anything here tonight.’

  2. Dude is a wuss. Get the fuck outside and look for your god damn cat. Not sure how Facebook will solve anything.

  3. Why does this website still post fake ass Facebook posts? Anyone can make one. This site needs to be a little more professional.

    1. fuck you asshole. why dont u start ur own site so u could post ur own shit. or go outsite and make some real life friends.

    2. Your saying epic fail needs to be more professional? That’s like telling your cat that it needs to be more like a dog. Besides, they rely on people sending in fails… and there’s probably a shallow pool to pick from.

    3. Either post real shit or don’t post anything at all. It’s like those fuckin shows on tv that are supposed to be real but they’re all fuckin scripted. I’m sure their pool isn’t so small and even if they rely on who sends in the fails, they are still in charge of picking which ones get posted.

    4. Oh and “i am” AKA Andrew, don’t be mad at me cause it was your cat and the honey badger don’t give a shit.

    5. And you can tell this is fake how …… first show me some proof that it’s fake and then you can start bitching about what epicfail post


  5. Megan: Hey Andrew, ‘Knock Knock’

    Andrew: ‘Who’s there’

    Megan: ‘Your Cat’

    Andrew: ‘Your Cat who’

    (complete silence)

    Andrew: oh come on Megan, that’s not funny!

  6. lmao megan is fucking awesome and andrew should’nt be such a pussy and stop whineing about losing his pussy

  7. Ok so some people call her a bitch, some say she is awesome, i say i wana fucking date that girl, Christ almighty she is quick to the draw!

  8. What a fairy ass little bitch, crying over a damn cat like that. Megan was cool as shit though. “you’re over reacting right meow” LOL!

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