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    1. Janice, somewhere there is a backwood redneck screwing his sister who also is raking in assistance as well…

    1. RoccoL, Get crippled ass back in the trailer and stop messin with those little kids!Nasty ass pedophile! And make sure you scrap them flies off your ass before you start masterbating again!

  1. negress1: oo gurl u best put summ on that shit fo’ it get aawl f’cked up
    negress2: B’tch dont trip!! U know I got dis sock from by baby daddy dresser, cover it up rill guud.
    Negress1: who, Terrel?
    Negress2: naww that other nigga with the doodie dreads, wutisname..
    Negress1: Idunno B’tch u f’cked im

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