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    1. just shoot the waste of flesh , he is only going to end up in jail anyway , so save the tax payers the grief.

    2. ur just afraid he will take all the attention from you once he gets to the prision yard with those sexy legs and sassy moves! u prision yard hoe!!

    1. The american population is, on average, pretty simple. It takes brains to fix your education system… see the problem here??

    2. Have to strongly disagree with sss. I been to Latin-American countries which have many African influence and people of mixed with African or predominantly African heritage. Believe me, they do not act like the ignorant narrow minded worthless assholes you see in the states.

  1. If he would’ve said, “Shit is about to go down.” I have to take his word since he has his diaper on, lol

    1. Very few know this but the war vs the bloods and crips was started from a gay encounter.
      One was crippled after a night of hardcore butt sex.
      The other ended up with blood on his cock.They’ve been beefing ever since.
      Hence the names crips and bloods.

    1. That is a very ignorant, racist thing to say. Not every black person acts like this, You Racist prick.

  2. Lol, the dude is obviously making fun of thug life, not sure if everyone who’s responded is aware of that…

  3. Why don’t you get a fucken job asshole. Get off the street unless you be cleaning it. I’m tired of working so I can pay for your lazy ass to dance in the streets. At least he should get hit by a truck or something funny . Then he might be worth something.

  4. Someone call the police!

    This is just proof of what liberalism has done to inner city black youth. They don’t even try to better themselves once on drugs and food stamps. That guy probably wonders why he gets picked on. Also as long as dumb asses do stupid crap like this ignorant white folks are going to use this as reason to hate all black Americans.

  5. The only native Americans I ever met for a long time were drunk native Americans. So you can guess that I had a very low opinion of Indians until I met some sober ones. Same thing is true with Black Americans. If all ignorant white people see are black people acting like this then you can’t blame them for being ignorant. But after they meet decent black people and they still hold racist views then I put those white folks on the same level as the guy in this video.

  6. I agree completely!!! Thats what I am always saying…there are respectable black people, then there are blacks like this that just bring all of them down. I mean what the fuck is he even saying??

  7. this was a joke and your a racist…there are two kinds of whites…the regular kind and then the ones who arent crackers ur prolly a cracker (btw I am white)

  8. I bet your a miserable person who hates hisself and life your racist peice of shit. your are the shit in that black mans diapers how bout that you ignorant smallminded bastard. you are likely a high school drop out usually racist are highly uneducated.

  9. @Sarah
    I thought ‘crackers’ were the regular white people?
    I put whites into two categories myself, dumb asses and knowledgeable ones. (btw I am white as well)

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