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  1. This is actually fake. It was a publicity stunt that obviously worked. It was a rub on tattoo that took about 3 hours to complete.

    1. yea sitting on it wont even make it a stranger, hope there’s no family on there

    2. hahahahah… I’m sure it would ruin more than masturbation. Things like job interviews, real friends, respect and anything that is physically social about his life would be over. I mean, would you be friends with this guy?

  2. lol at the lack of clip cord cover, her ‘station’ consisting of a 4 inch tray, the lack of a sanitary barrier on the arm rest, the stencil with no actual stencil on it, the image of her digging a needle-less liner tube into his skin like she’s trying to dig for gold, and the zero swelling zero blood. People really had to wait for them to “confess” that this was fake?

  3. It kind of looks good. And if it’d be real, it wouldn’t be a complete fail if those 152 friends represent something to him in real life.

    Who the fuck am i kidding. It’s 100% fail material.

  4. its been confirmed fake. The girl (who was “tattooed” is a model) was hired by a company that takes your facebook friends and puts them on stuff (looking like her arm did, a bunch of square pics) like bags, notebooks, blankets, and even cars.

  5. Even if it was real I wouldn’t call it that big of a fail, as far as bad tattoos go, I’ve seen much MUCH worse…

  6. it is fake, yes.. but imagine if it was real.. what would he/she do when one of those friends changed his profile picture? xD ahahahaha

  7. I personally don’t mind a tattoo but be sure to never ever get yourself one with freaking names or faces of friends or lovers, kids I’d understand.. :/

  8. i wonder if these so-called “FRIENDS” would be there for you if you were arrested for something and you needed to be bailed out?

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