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    2. omg r u serious??? justin biebers an uber faaaag!!!!! if him and all his fans died the world would be a better place

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    1. I’m sure any white man can say the same about and black man. You all look a like to us! As im sure its the same for you. Either way it is racist. Probably worse that you claim you wernt trying to be racist. That just means that even when you try you still are. lol

    2. IM white, and I approve this message. Too many of these little fucks ….. He’s dead on. GO to ANY MALL IN AMERICA and you will notice, all the retarded mall dollies look exactly alike. that retarded look of surprise in their eyes like they’ve just been raped in the mouth, and the same useless expression that says “um…. U want me to suck yer dick?” and dont even get me started on the females.

    3. im white and im a girl. most girls only cuz hes cute AND famous. i know alot of guys that look like justin bieber but arent famous.

    4. Any time you see the words “not trying to be racist..” or “Not to be racist” it is inevitable that racist comments will precede or follow said words.

  2. She tattoos Justin’s name on her arm, yet wears a chain with her name on it. Isn’t that a little backwards?