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  1. She said Cats, but all I heard was ….” I Love Cock, I just love cock, I just want to take all of them but it’s just crazy and I cant”

  2. wtf?!!?!?!?!?! General Zod highly disapproves of this human woman and her obsession with the feline creature native to her home world. She is a relatively attractive Woman for her age, but her obsession those creatures could spell the doom of all man kind faster then my desire to bring it about could.

    I would hope for the sake of the rest of the human race that this woman was acting or pretending. But it appears that she is not. I was trapped in the Phantom Zone for several hundred thousand Earth years, even though on your planet I would have received only 30 years for my crime. I left unscathed. This woman appears as if she has spent several eons inside the zone.

    There are few planets in the Universe that tolerate this emotional instability. This woman hasn’t even left her domicile to attend her daily occupation to support herself and she is already crying about feline creatures. I imagine she will be without a life mate for a very long time.

    General Zod does not cry, infact I don’t even know if Kryptonians have tear ducts. I do not feel sadness, only disappointment. People hate me on Earth, I spent an eternity in limbo where I did not age or even need to eat, and my home planet exploded along with everyone else on it.

    And this woman cries about Cats..!

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