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  1. Oh and btw about NASA the most secured organization… a 17 y old kid penetrated all their security with a crappy computer lol… Romanians are one of the smartest people in the earth… Half of the agencyes in America have more than 40% romanian employes and i’m talking about the hard ones like even Nasa .. Regular american people are retarded in comparation with a 14 years old kid from romania…

  2. Hmm America the country of toxic food, of whores and bitches, the country with the most ugly and fat people in the world, the country with most rated criminality and illegal activity, drugs traffic, the country with most uneducated people with an advanced cultural illiteracy , the country with the most wars and the most liabilityes to other countryes, the country with the most dumb people(actually the majority of the people is dumb), the country with most pollution… OH YEAH U SURE ARE NUMBER 1

  3. First of all I would like to say one thing to all the idiots who think they are on top of the world and they don’t need to know anything because they are americans. Watch this: . And second .. to the idiot that made me post this, Alfie, who is a complete retard, you are so stupid that you have no idea that the U.S. are not even close of being the top of the world, worst than that you were so fucking close to disappear from the face of the earth because your economics totally failed. China is the biggest power on earth at this time.. so .. I’m sorry if I fucked up your world, but you are far worst than being stupid. And btw, I just communicated with you in your own language, and that makes me more evolved than you are, because I bet this is the only language that you know … pity for you …

  4. i went three times to the usa ! and American people kept saying to me ” oh my god , how do you know that ? ” but what i knew was very simple stuf , that everybody knows in europe !!
    I was like a genius for them , but i just knew the presidents of the usa since like 1945 , which is not exceptionnal !

    American people are VERY OFTEN ( not all of them obviously ) fucking retarded !

  5. some of you, guys, fail hardcore. the only examples are dracula , danube , and a fkin’ sand castle in an endless story , hum>? all i know for sure is that the made in ro thingys , pigies, humas , whatever are inventive . Have u seen in new york or other huge labyrint a pizza menu with ,, pita the homo’s happiness ” , pita eat here and die home , or as – u- chose pizza :you choose de ingredient, and we make it still how we want ! ….. ORIGINAL , THAT’S IT .

  6. Oi Oi this bitch is stupid lmao who the fuck doesnt know Romania? Im American and im pretty dam smart i think. Romania is beautiful from what ive studied and has a great culture. Id love to visit sometime when i have the funds.

  7. The amount of hatred shown here in the comments are horrible. I’m sure the majority of American’s commenting haven’t been to Romania and the majority of Romanians here haven’t been to the U.S, therefor your opinions are biased by media perception. Every country has pros and cons. For the record, many American’s are fed-up with how our country has degenerated over the past couple decades. I would love to move away from the States but there’s no way I could afford to. There are many things I admire about other countries, such as nationalized health care, but the U.S has a lot to offer. We have beautiful scenery such as the Grand Canyon, amazing cities such as New York, and an entertainment industry the whole word loves. We should unite as humans, instead of arguing over who’s better. Also, the United States has been home to some amazing people such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. I am an intelligent American myself, having graduated high-school two years early and being fluent in 3 languages. Don’t generalize.

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