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  1. oh my god!!!.. how come many americans haven’t even heard about Romania.. and us .. romanians have to learn about you and your stupid states and your stupid politics …God.. this is sooo un fair!

    1. i bet most americans have heard of romania as in now with this post? haha u can pretty much make up a country tell them you live there and they will be like COOL!

    2. We all know who Lindsay Lohan is and what she does…
      do you think she know any of us or what we do for a living? WHY THE FUCK WOULD SHE NEED TO??
      Ya’ll keep learning about us cause you need to know who is on top. US is king of the hill, the majority of the world is 3rd world and undedeveloped, sorry but you’re not important enough to learn about… we shall remain ignorant to world geography but when we feel like bombing you… trust me we’ll know exactly where you’re at romania!

      you jealous fucking pricks in other countries keep hating on the best! USA! USA!!!! FUCK YEA!

    3. Who gives a shit about Romania? We Americans lives in America. Most of us have no plans to ever go to Romania. We don’t need to know every single fricking countries of the world. If you don’t like America then, stay the Fuck out!

    4. Actually, in Romania we learn about every single state in the world. We can also speak your language better than you can. And you know what else we can do? Steal your University scholarships, because this is what we are getting for STUDYING ๐Ÿ™‚

    5. Before claming that I am learning your language because of how much of a super power the USA is, I want to mention that I speak the British English. Also, I can speak French, Spanish AND Latin (ancient one for who doesn’t get it). And don’t worry my American friends, China is taking over ^_^

    6. excuse me.. but Romania is not a 3rd world country..and you americans are not so great either.. you’re all a bunch of lazzy-ass imigrants… the only thing you are good at is bombing everyone who stands in your way.. keep on doing that and you’ll end up bombing yourself

    7. Like I said, Stay the Fuck out of America if you don’t like it so much. We do have problems like every other countries of the world. Layla just gave the best example of why so many foreigners are so ignorant with statements like “youโ€™re all a bunch of lazzy-ass imigrantsโ€ฆ the only thing you are good at is bombing everyone who stands in your way.” So you are saying that everyone is carrying a bomb in our suitcase or underneath our jacket? You are so ignorant, you have no idea of what’s happening here. Most of us Americans want Peace. We didn’t want war, but the US Government is fucking with us and killing us.

    8. most americans dont know where canada is, much less point out mexico on a map, so this dorsnt surprise me

    9. i dont like judging by stereotypes, but most of americans are like teflon. because nothing sticks to them! its not abut who gives a shit about who, its about your personal knowledge and general culture.and self respect and curiosity, and the need of learning new things. if someone asks you about pitagora you ask what football team is he playing.european bummers are smarter then american geniuses. you haven’t heard just of romania, you actually haven’t heard of many other countries because all you guys know is facebook and youporn. we run your planes, we run NASA, while you eat a burger on a moving stairway in a fitness hall. if you guys are a popular country, prove you are popular people, dont throw with mud at what you dont know! because this attitude will cancel any achievements you may have.

    10. Im not American but why in the hell would Americans waste time learning about a country the size of New Jersey?

    11. @ Daniel.. you realy made me laugh…well we could say that every country hates its Government..this discution is heading towards nowhere..better end it now before we start a war :).. Peace!

    12. Daniel yo have a lot of anger inside, you need t talk qith somebody, and besides if America its so wonderful and cool, How come everybody in the US are unhappy?

  2. I’m from Hungary, and I can’t belive, that some americans (like this man) are so damn stupid… But what the crap were they learning at geography lessons??? And at history lessons we have to learn all of your stuff, and learn every f*****g country’s own history. And if there is somebody, who knows a country like Romania, or Hungary, then he/she can’t tell anything about these countries, or where are they inside Europe…

    1. i couldnt concentrate in geography class cause this HOT BLONDE AMERICAN girl next to me kept flirting and rubbing my crotch with her heel shoes… God bless america!

    2. and there are also stupid people in romania is it just the us of a and layla he was probably lyin’ about the whole thing but even if there was a girl what makes you presume she would be 500 pounds? not all of us are fat and by the way enjoy your third world country

    3. America will soon hit rock bottom.. so stop saying other countries are third world coutries because you’ll end up worse

    1. do gypsies live there, or does something they own that you perhaps ommitted live there? Try “gypsies” and “thieves.” Good work.

    2. gipsys are not romanians.. they are imigrants!!! stop saying romanians are gipsys because they are not!

    3. ok you all stfu gypsies are from pocahontas and thieves are from aladdin so no messing up with anyones country ok!!!

    4. @wow – Since you like to correct me on my grammar. I think you should take a look at your own statement. I see a couple mistakes that you need to take your own lesson in English and then you can just go Fuck yourself. How’s that?

    5. Wow u should better studie more about gypsies before talking.I have to say im shocked to see how stupid u guys r (americans) i meen how the fuck can u say such thing?dont u fucking studdy at school about [email protected] and @Daniel guys dont waste ur time…with this crap.From my point of wiew China really deserves to take ur place.Maybe one day they will…till then Peace

    1. WE beat u in Bucharest 3-1 .will go to the EURO’l stay home …you fagg.ROMANIA RULEAZA !! :))

  3. Get a bunch of Europeans. Put them on a big island. 200 years and an Independece War later they don’t even fucking know some countries in Europe.

  4. I am from Republic of Moldova, at history and geography we learn about every country in Europe, Asia and North America. Delany its a very stupid idiot, i hate ffucked americans that know from europe just London and Paris

    1. I guess people from the Republic of Moldova doesn’t use Grammar and Punctuation too well. Other errors I find, ‘its’ is Incorrect, ffucked is misspelled and it’s not the right way to use to express yourself. Both of your sentence structure are completely wrong. I wanted to point this out to you since you like to call other people stupid and idiot.

    2. hahhah daniel, my love …when u get close to speak a foreign language as well as Vlad does then start to criticize the others:P but meanwhile start to suck dicks thats ideal for ur intelectual level ๐Ÿ˜€

    3. Well then Daniel – let us see you spell some Moldovian sentences correctly ? Because surely you must be as educated and superior as you claim to be ..
      And if you don’t get the point from what I’m writing , do us all a favor – and go shoot yourself, or shoot a classroom of kids ๐Ÿ™‚ I hear you Americans are so good with guns ..

    4. jeez this is not about knowing something about Romania, is knowing something about the world we live in!USA is not EVERYTHING.Don’t you understand?Earth doesn’t belong to americans or any other human living anywhere belongs to every creature that lives on this planet.So stop acting like americans are the best and they have the right to claim everything this planet has.

      P.S. Daniel, i really doubt that you know any other laguange than english

    5. Hey Daniel, let me write your comment in correct english, being that you are just as bad as Vlad.
      “I guess people from the Republic of Moldova do not (don’t is a contraction and should seldom be used in written english) use grammer(not Grammer, incorrect capitalization) and punctuation too well. Other errors i found(not find, which is present tense) Its is incorrect(once again, improper capitalization of Incorrect), ffucked is misspelled and it is not the correct way to express yourself(right way to use to express yourself is completely confusing and incorrect.) Both of your sentence structures (structure is singular and conflicts with the use of both) are completely wrong. I wanted to point this out to you since you like to call other people stupid and idiotic (not idiot)”
      That is how it should have been written, now review this lesson in english and keep your mouth shut.


    7. @wow – First of all, Vlad is calling other people Stupid and Idiot. Can you not read? Are you that illiterate? Vlad is telling Delany that this person is very stupid idiot. I didn’t call anyone stupid from my comment but I just wanted to point out that maybe he shouldn’t be calling other people stupid. I can Use Capitalization Anytime I want To! I do thank you for Correcting me, but for you tell me to keep my mouth shut, that was very Idiotic thing for you to say. As if you can make me.

      @From Denmark – Who said that I was Superior? Where the Fuck are you getting this from?

      @Larya – Yes, I do not know any other language other than English. Since I live in America, I don’t need to know any other language. Do you see how that works?

      I think you guys are so fucking retarded sometimes by the way you are picking something out of my comment that isn’t there.

    8. @wow – by the way wow, nice work on your comment you wrote.
      “do gypsies live there, or does something they own that you perhaps ommitted live there? Try โ€œgypsiesโ€ and โ€œthieves.โ€ Good work.”
      Oh wait a minute, you fucked up a couple of times. Maybe you need to go back to School and learn some English yourself you Fucking Retard! Don’t forget to Capitalize ‘Do’ and what the fuck is this ‘or does something they own that you perhaps ommitted live there?’ Before you correct other people’s English, you need to look at your own statement you fucking bastard.

    9. I can’t believe how people get so sensitive over grammar, punctuation and other things. please this is not a spelling bee or who can be a better autocorrect at anything its not like this is a test. Get over it. its fucking EPICFAIL its not like you are writing a review on the New Yorker

    10. @ Daniel : Where are you from?I’m asking you because i can see that you make someone else observations about the words spelling,but at least that guy tried to whrote in
      english.Did you understand what he wanted to say? YES …so he reached its point… Can you whrite something in Romanian or Moldovian language without using Google translation or dictionary? NO, you can’. whanna know WHY? It’s because we learn in school how to communicate with you,since ENGLESH the language of the world,and you come and say about Romania that has idiot and stupid people? FUCK OFF FAT ASS

    11. You guys are all DUMB AS ROCKS!!! All Daniel did was point out that we all have flaws so we shouldn’t be so quick to point out other people’s. He shouldn’t be calling nobody a idiot, so what if English is not his primary language? If I didn’t know how to write and speak perfect English, I wouldn’t go on an American website, and not only comment on shit with my ‘broken’ English writing, but call people idiots? Can’t you hear a stupid accent as you’re reading his writing?

    12. @Daniel instead of your criticizing you should learn romanian you bastard.

  5. Daniel, some people not only try to educate them selves properly, but also speak foreign languages good enough to be understood. It’s a shame that some of the american population find it hard to remember the names of your 50 fuckin states. I don’t care what exactly your opinion is for countries other than USA, all that I see in this post is that you, people, don’t know anything about your own country. And I actually also find people, who defend stupidity, idiots.

  6. And by the way “people” is a plural noun form, so it would be “DON’T use”. I wanted to point this out to you, since you find yourself that smart.

  7. im from mexico and even we know about Europe geography, things like Rumania is part of the European union since 2007 and that Hungary with Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic is part of the Visegrad group of countries. i just think that is unfair that Americans dosent give a damn!

    1. Why is it unfair? You have just as much of a right to ‘not give a damn’ as anybody else does.

    1. i dont even speak rumanian but i can tell you just called us ignorant layla infact your treating us like were all stupid cows and if we were lazy ignorant assholes why would this be an american site instead of a romanian one? asshole.

    2. if you think that you’re the only coutry that has a site like this forget it.. and having this site doesn’t make you less ignorat.. i was refering to other stuff.. you have just shown i was right …hahaha

  8. Haha…U Americans think you are the top of the hill?!?! ROFLOL ๐Ÿ˜€ Good joke… I mean every stupid European goes to US, because there he will be smarter compared with the Americans u know… ๐Ÿ˜€ America is a congregation of all the dumb people from all the other countries xD And not only dumb, but also ugly and fat. : ( @Zaychenko is sooo right ;]]

    1. You are absolutely rightt . In USA you can find 25% of world’s prizoners . I know that only social freaks and stupid people goes to jail , very little inteligent people get there . In Romania from 22 milion only 75.000 people are in jail so very little compared to United States .

    2. haha fat and lazy huh? well not all of us are like that and i mean just so your remember most of the immigrants that came to america were to get away from europe tells you something doesnt it and boris DROP DEAD

    3. haha fat and lazy huh? well not all of us are like that and i mean just so your remember most of the immigrants that came to america were to get away from europe tells you something doesnt it and boris DROP DEAD and btw jardel times are tough here and yes some people are crazy but some people cant afford stuff it doesent mean were a dump

  9. I have no problem with the Americans , but for those who laugh at our contry , let`s say THAT OUR COUNTRY IS NOT FULL OF FUCKING FAT PEOPLE , who eat only junk food all day long

  10. Dang y’all are way to melodramatic about this. If you don’t like America, GET THE HELL OVER IT! We aren’t ALL like that. If you don’t like Romania, or Moldova, or whatever freaking country it is then again, GET THE HELL OVER IT! Yeah, everyone’s entitled to their opinion but really, the u.s has issues we are pretty stupid sometimes but we do have smart people. Same situation in every other damn country!

    1. The rest of these people remind me of 2nd graders arguing over which of their dads can beat up another dad. At the end of the day, it doesn’t REALLY matter, does it?

      Romanians, your country sounds pretty cool actually. Wouldn’t mind visiting. My country (USA) is, at this moment, a fail. 5 minutes on any news channel would show you that.

      Sigh, how the mighty have fallen.

  11. I read each comment you guys posted here. Im from Romania as well…we all have our stuff we’d like to keep hidden under the carpet. But what amuses me is that some of you americans think that you are on top of the world. wich is not true. watch the news people…its because of your goverment and your financial system that all Europe is in shit now. We may not be rich, but we are smart ( more and more romanians come to the states to do YOUR jobs) we have a history of hundreds of years. Im pretty sure the things ive seen around here are done by AMERICANS…. id be quiet and accept my country’s epic fails, because they keep coming ๐Ÿ˜‰ bye all

  12. all the current native americans have a european heritage. you must be as bright as a twinkie to belive that you don’t any connection with europe( wich romania is a part of ). to know you’re self you have to know you’re history ( for all you dumb piece of shits ). BTW name one thing that you all americans surpase europe ex: basketball ( we all know we own you ) , euro is way above the dollar . all the brain that america has is been bought or has been. the america has been populated by all the refused european. so you keen of thinking that you’re the best when you all do ( and i meen the people that lead us , wich you elected ) IS WAR. the smallest shitty conflict you have to resolve with a minimum four-year-long war.

  13. this retards don’t even know that over 50% of NASA employees are FROM ROMANIA. Keep saying “God Bless America” u ignorant pieces of shit…Ah, and if we have gipsy’s u have italians…no big difference here.

  14. Why do u feel offended that a us bitch dont know where romania is? she is right, romania is a noname country now. it’s true, we have a huge history….at least 5 times longer then America, but in the last 100 years, we fucked it big time…i know some of us feel bad when peoples like Delaney speak bullshit about Romania, but look around man…that proud Romania is gone…we are cowards…for this, respect Serbia….and for the next generation of americans…stop the wars in Asia…all world will soon hate u.

    1. you are right.. we are still braging about our history.. and what our ancestors had made.. but now we are standing with our arms crossed doing nothing.. and yes.. we have bright people to brag about.. but we do nothing to promote them ..if we are unknown .. it’s preety much our fault…… and a message to all the ignorants: F.U.C.K. YOU

    2. layla, seriously are you you really being that ignorant? Just cause your romanian doesnt mean you you better than us!! And just cause im American doesnt mean im better than you!! Im sure we both have great history. And no, were not required to know your history, just your geography stuff. And sure we’re just a bunch of imigrants,but were not all lazy idiots. There are thosounds of brilliant minds in America!!!I mean seriously get OVER YOURSELF!!!

    3. @kailey yes you have briliant minds but from 300.000.000 people in US are the number of briliant minds is to little compared to Romania . In Romania from 21-22milions we have exported to much briliant people . Romania and US have almost the same amount of briliant people but you ca se the diference between the numbers .


  15. Well, yeah let’s say you Americans don’t have to know all the countries’ names or where they are. But if America was that good you think it is, it would deserve knowing its geography. And if you weren’t so dumb, you would learn and remember it. This girl would know Romania isn’t american state (thank God)
    So americans, please, hide somewhere and stay ashamed!

    1. lol and goodness no she didnt….wow not all of us are like that i mean was the other guy who talked ignorant look what he wrote over again hes american and bacl LOL:)

  16. not knowing about other countries does not make you the greatest nation of all, it just makes you uneducated. I’m not giving shit to anybody but really guys putting some knowledge in your heads its not gonna kill you. you guys might think you don’t need to learn another language BECAUSE you are from america thats good! really it just makes it easier for the rest of us to recognize how stupid you guys are thats it! keep it up!!!

    1. wow okay 1. were not all stupid as shit 2. how ignorant are you most americans are hardworking people and three 3. fuck you

  17. @kailey what history may I ask? (this is a history student speaking)
    @no she didn’t: you’d wish Romania was one of the states.but it would only be a curse to us.

    1. yeah right…..we cand stand stupid , ignorants americans ….nobody does ….so go FUS with all your states

  18. We all know Dracula,right?Have you heard about Transilvania?It’s in Romania.Learn this at least… If you don’t know anything about Romania just Google it,and make sure it’s a country befor you speack about it.How can someone speack about something that it doesn’t even know what it is?I don’t minde that you don’t know anything about it,or didn’t even heard about it,cause i’m sure that you don’t know even 50% countries from US

  19. Where does it even say dalaney is American?? Stop jumping to conculsions. U.S.A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not fat or lazy)

  20. Hahaha and this is why most countries hate the U.S. and wtf America is a continent not a COUNTRY!!! I wish the people from the United States would realize that =__= America is Canada, the US, Mexico, Brazil,Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, Panama, Belice, Ecuador, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, etc. SO STOP CALLING YOUR COUNTRY AMERICA!!!

  21. wow wow wow wow
    What’s up with all those haters?
    Romanians and Americans are humans.doh.
    Why do we have to argue about “what the fuck is Romania?”
    Romania is a normal country with normal people.
    So,stop the bithcin’,please.
    Btw,I’m romanian as well and I don’t give a damn if some of the americans have no idea what’s up with my country.

  22. Romania might be filled with gypsies and theifs but XD at least our girls aren’t confused with cows =)) like some american girls =)) are

    1. yeah… mistaken by cows.. that’s what you wanted to point out..correcting you before anyone else here might mess with your grammar too:D.. no ofence:D

  23. I have a hard time believing that Delaney is from America. I know there are a lot of dumb Americans, and a lot of realllllly dumb Americans, but I am pretty sure they would know that all of those aren’t states. And they probably wouldn’t say, “the united states are so big,” unless they were kidding. I could see a foreigner saying something like that though. But again.. unless she dropped out of school in elementary school, then I doubt she’s from America.

  24. I cant believe there are so stupid people on the planet.. not knowing geography! sth fundamental to people. to know where u r, and be able to point countries on the map. Most of the postings here say that there is no need for AMERICANS to know where romania is.. how hillarious! how can u be so stupid all u americans? all u people that u share this opinion? also i read a comment about US being number 1 and blah blah.. well NEWSFLASH: U R GOING BANKRUPT! u r 1 step away from stopping payments!! idiots.. learn how much 1+1 equals and then speak.. all u stupid american fat people..


  26. i have one question to all americans who have writen the uper coments…how many languages you know??only english right?? well most of the ppl here knows two languages or more..there oun and english…i know bulgarian….english and now learning spanish…even if we make mistakes…remember one thing…this is not our mother language…so do not pretend to be very clever cuz you’re not ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. at least, with this ocasion many americans hear about Romania! Ro-1 Usa-0 . Come and visit us too, with your pockets full of dolars, we have nice chicks waiting for USA money ๐Ÿ˜ก

  28. YOU STUPID FUCKIN’ IGNORANTS ….as you allready know the rest of thw world hates u’r ass ….so gos suck a ROMANIAN cock

  29. a fuckin’ bunch of mongrels chased by famine from europe 100 years ago….now call themselvs americans …SA-MI SUGETI TOTI PULA DE CACANARI!!!!!

  30. I’m very proud to be a romanian, and I consider US the most stupid country. Seriously now! You do not learn in school, or maybe as half as we. And this case is just one of thousands of Americans who do not know the real “life”. I do not mean just the geography… this is really sad. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. American people doesn’t know about geography because they are just stupid lol… they are too busy on eating and getting fat… srsly american people is just stupid …their general illiteracy is very advanced lol… anyway about all the american’s i bet they all heard about Dracula the king of vampires… guess where does it come from…Romania..btw we romanian people consider Americans very stupid. And about the bombardment the american does against other countryes for oil srsly none of u ppl are involved so stop saying ”we attack others” cuz u don’t do any shit than watch T.V.. U’r all a bunch of retarded worthless pieces of shit and yeah i am romanian and speaking way better english than some nerds over here lol… u fail hard time!

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