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    1. No one really wants to be you, only loosers like you aspire to be “first” on some insignificant internet comments.

    1. Ur fail, the grammer is fine, “everything’s”, is “every thing is”
      its not spelt “everythings”. once again u fail

    2. Don’t correct other people when you obviously can’t spell “grammar” in the correct manner. 🙂 Just Saying.

    1. you’re an idoit. if you were to take the apostrophe in “everything’s” you get “everything is” therefore there is no grammer fail here. but as i state you (apostrophe) re an idoit.

    2. @canadian_mama: No capital letters, grammar spelled incorrectly, and your last sentence doesn’t make sence. Yet, you seem to think you have room to call others idiots. Don’t judge; it just makes you look more ignorant.

    3. Can we stop correcting people’s grammar and spelling on the internet. This isn’t an English classroom, kids. No one is grammatically correct online.

    1. I didn’t get it till the second time I looked. If you look at the way the book’s are stacked it says “Not everythings in a book” through the spaces. Pretty clever I think.

    1. why on earth would this be fake. you can clearly see those are real books on real shelves spaced and ordered to make a sentence soo that would make your comment a FAIL and you an idiot

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