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  1. it would have been OK IF he put like 18″ chrome rims and a carbon fiber hood, also less some of the decals and tint the windows darker

  2. shit and it costs money , lol what insane is this, lol you spent money to transform your car and leave it just like a condom jajajaja

  3. now the real fail here is that they had spelling errors on the car.
    I’m sure its its not “experiance” but experience. at 6:36

  4. I fail to see the fail. The car looks pretty cool. Can we just stick with 30 second videos of people falling and hurting themselves? That’s what I come to this site to see.

    1. “JVC the Perfect Experiance”

      They’re using illegal parts… try to catch up…

    2. “The car looks pretty cool” You should have been the recipient of said vehicle then, so everyone here (or anywhere, for that matter) could point and laugh at you.

  5. Where’s the fail? So the show is a knockoff, and the car didn’t look that great. It still was an improvement. And these guys are productive, running their own business and have a tv show. Hopefully it gets better, but this is not a fail.

  6. This Suzuki has decals where is writen ”SCION” ”Experiance”… The tires are shit, and the people that works in indian pimp my ride are idiots

  7. don’t see the fail in it. a couple of people say it was a spelling error, and rip off parts, but what do you realy expect from india. i guess it is a failed tv show, what is there targeted audience. its in english so… i got it. it is a failed fail.

  8. big rice fail for those who dont think this is a fail thats why your still playing need for speed… 40000$ of stickers isnt making anyones car faster just gonna make me and anyone else who knows anything about cars laugh and possibly pick up there chicks with a real car

  9. Oh my gurd id rather have a Butterfinger than have these guys pimp my ryde. lol… Naw for real though, the tires are cheap as fuck, the decals are bootleg fleamarket quality, the stereo system is from Autozone, and the paint job wasnt done in a dustfree shop. So Yes it is a BIG FAT EPIC MUTHAFUCKIN FAIL..

  10. Its a suzuki with scion badges, a non turbo car with turbo badges, a tach in a automatic. This is a fail and anyone who thinks different…also is a failure.

  11. man this guy.. his reaction at the end is like… they made him pay for everything… fuck man at least fake the excitement… you are getting a custom car…
    oh and the what the fuck the camera guy closing up on that idiot host….

  12. Let me get this straight…after all of these years of wasting money on engine performance parts, all I really needed was some cheap, low rent decals, unsafe at any speed tires and other goofy LOOKING sh*t to turn my ride into a race car?

  13. Deeese is dah intake charger…Deese you will youse when you want to race your car… F>F>F>F>F>F>FFAILLLLL

  14. I am going to list the fails for the bunch of you that don’t know any better.

    Cheap paint, no paint booth, bad quality stickers, scion stickers on a suzuki, red hood on a silver car, stupid body kit with chicken mesh, stock sized rims with extremely bad tires, huge tachometer for “racing”, fake audio system parts, ass loads of unnecessary decals, turo decals on a non turbo car, some stupid intake turbine thing that will actually make you lose power instead of gain power and this is only what they showed in the video. Oh and the biggest fail is haveing a car modification show in india. I’m sure I missed a couple things too.

  15. “The tyres will make it go faster”, he said. Holding the throttle closer to the floor will make it go faster. How many of these ridiculous showponies actually hold the throttle close to the floor? My wife’s people-mover goes faster than most of them, because it is driven harder.

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