Katy Perry & Rebecca Black?!



So Katy Perry apparently has a new video out. The cool thing is she says EPIC FAIL at 2:26. Your good friend Rebecca Black is also in the video…LOL. Check out the video and post on youtube that EPICFAIL.COM sent you ! So is this a WIN or a FAIL?! YOU decide!

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    1. We knew there’d be some tool that said that. We’re not selling out anything, we just thought it was cool she used our phrase.

  1. Katy is so neat, she doesn’t care about haters talking shit and what’s more, she is the sexiest woman on Earth. I’d like to meet with her and have a beer, that’d be fun.

    1. I can no longer find her attractive after the way she look/acted in this video. Total turn off, Katy!

  2. I thought this was a Total Win for me! It’s Katy Perry Singing and she is funny as Heck! Guest stars Corey Feldman, Debbie Gibson, and Kenny G, Awesome.

  3. Kenny G makes it a fail. I have to admit it will probably be a hit =(. Maybe I’m getting old. This newer music sounds like shit! Well at least it wasn’t auto-tuned!

  4. Its a 100% Win,WIn,Win,to put your EPIC FAIL in Their song is more than ironic,Its a dog dam WIn!,How many songs have youtube in it?wheres the win button

    1. Not dumbed down at all really; Perry knows she makes insipid, easy-cheesey and simple pop music and totally makes fun of it here. Kenny G parody, Rebecca Black, actors from Glee… Better than those who produce trash, don’t realize it and think they have boatloads of talent.

  5. i find it nice from Katy Perry actually! she takes the shame of looking stupid and nerd on video, then she let RB to come in to say thanks for support and helping saving my image! Not the best song or video ever, but a nice move from Katy Perry so I say win!

  6. obviously i need to make a really shitty video and have my parents pay a shit load of money so katy perry will put me in one of her music videos.

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