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    1. actually dipsht
      you fail because doesn’tmatter did indeed say first, first.
      can’t you read?
      It saids, “FIRST to say this is weird..”
      Any arguement or point you make afterwards is invalid because you suck cock and this is the internet.

    2. Well well , if it isnt dipshts next sexual daisy chain. Or is it dipshts family get together.

    3. Wow that’s the first time I think I’ve ever seen the dude below the guy to say “First” first (no pun intended) get more hate.

    1. no theres a movie called Human Centipede. havent seen it but i was told its so bad they banned in the UK.

    2. I (barely) managed to eat my lunch through Human Centipede… I damn near folded.

      The SEQUEL is already banned, in any format, in the UK… don’t know if the original was, but I’m doubting it.

  1. Its like a gay tribal dance celebrating the stretching of ones mouth and anus. In other words, its like being an alterboy at any Catholic church function.

  2. masterpiece. it emphasises close links between species and reminds us the arbitrariness of the hierarchies we assume.

  3. Pretty sure everyone involved in the creation, and everyone in pic should be shot. If you come across that, and you don’t immediately attempt to destroy it, you are suspect.

  4. oh, look san fransico is advertising their new theme park for diverse/alternative sight seers who are looking for a little something different the next time they bring their families out….

  5. Wait a minute.
    The backbone zingers on that lizard look mighty worn….as though folk have been ridin’ the bejezus out of it while razzing back and forth watching the guy action in front.

    (Did I just type that out loud?)

  6. This “piece of art” should be mandatory in front of every government building. It is symbolic of how American citizens are fed a perpetual load of crap every day of their lives by our politicians.

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