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    1. hahaha..exactly! When the the hell is up with that weird lil chicken popping out the egg. Lol..look at the eyes on that thing

    1. OMG! I remember this commercial. I would have to say that this is the funniest comment I’ve seen on here yet.

    1. I can never resist looking up the YouTube links people put in epicfail comments. But why are they never relevant?

  1. This commercial is from the 90’s and used to air in Chicago. They made it bad on purpose as a marketing trick, and it worked because everyone knew about Eagle Ins. After this one they made a couple more ads even worse than the first.

  2. Damn this commercial is soooooooooooo oooooooollllld. I haven’t seen this along with that Empire Carpet commercial since I was a kid.

    1. You know they still play the original Victory Auto Wreckers commercial, where the guy’s car door falls off 🙂 Now THAT’S an old one!

    2. Haha yeah!! I just seen that one. Since they’ve been around for so long I’m thinking about investing in their services.

    3. I remember those too! I lived close to Chicago. Actually I saw the Empire carpet commercial a few days ago and flipped out. They still use the same song.

    4. And Cellozi Ettelson Cheverolet, where you always save more money. I remember they did an Eagleman commercial with Mancow too.

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