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  1. If I light a lighter next to her do you think she will melt? What to you think will melt first? Plastic massacre!

    1. Can’t be an inflate-a-bitch, she doesn’t have that O-shaped mouth. You mean that’s just a close up of black barbie?

  2. Did she fall asleep in a toaster? Girl, seriously, take a bath and you’ll see: Tanned chick goes white again!

  3. Y’all are a bunch of idiot tools. It is so ridiculously obvious that her eyes are SHUT and that “crap” is painted on her eye lids.

  4. Why does every trash bitch always try to immitate the “jersery shore” or as I like to call it the “Jersey Whore” look. Someone throw gasoline in that bitches face and light it up…………i’ll bring the marshmallows

  5. A lot of us hate girls that tan. I just don’t understand why some guys like girls who make themselves cheap and trashy by buying expensive stuff

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