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  1. btw this not a fail because it is normal for jewish people to do this gay crap jewish people are no different to dogs.. or mice they are the scum of the earth….. no homo

    1. They are from Israel. Who is the ignorant prick now?

      By the way, it’s not a fail when you do this kind of stuff on purpose. Arisa is a gay club in Tel Aviv and all their adverts are like this.

    2. lol, hey yoyo, don’t muslims live in Israel too? And its funny you know about gay clubs and gay ads.

    3. solid dick head… they are jews… they do this gay shit all the time… trust me i know im jew :D…. no homo

    4. Solid snake : LOL You’re saying he’s ignorant and WOW , Did you read your comment : ”Trolling fail… They are muslims you ignorant prick.” . I never heard about a Jewish Muslim Hahahahahhahaah OMG! hahahaahahahah it’s like saying a Christian – Hindouist ! -___________- FAIL

    1. Yeah, girls stalk at your dick not because they’re impressed but cause it’s like a chihuahua’s.

    2. whoa hold up baby-girl. You are not casanova nor are you a chick thrilla. But i guess you gotta lie to yourself to cope with a dick as huge as a new born chinchilla

  2. I’m no expert on the subject, but I get the idea those guys are homosexuals. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  3. you couldn’t pay me enough money to be in this crap!! plus, now i never wanna eat chocolate again!!

  4. is it just me…or does the bald guy look like he wished he hadnt taken that job

    looks like hes thinking “just fucking shoot me now…”

  5. OMG the teorroists are tryin to fag up the middle east . Off with their heads the whole lot of em . Lawrence of ASSrapinya

    1. It would be a comment win if they weren’t jews. So close, yet so far… but thanks for playing, goodnight america.

  6. But this gay guy is looking to get killed. I mean he’s obviously in India, I don’t think last I checked they were super gay friendly there yet. And this was over the top gay. Like blatantly. And though I think that’s awesome do what you want. I don’t think it will go over so well there. Best luck to him.

  7. i dont get it is he gay lesbo or just gender less
    then he/she drips chocolate on some guy that probably thinking “ima quit” then he/she says “kama kama” WTF

  8. Parody clip… a genre quite practised among people with some good taste and culture. Then, people like that don’t come to this site that often… wtf I am doing here???

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