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    1. i congratulate you .. next time it well be me who will comment first but for this time you win… GRATS GRATS GRATS!

    1. Sweet! Does that mean the U.S. can quit bailing the Europeans out of failed conflicts and money problems?

    2. Eros, who the fuck are you? i understand that every day you have to cope with your miserable existence, but try to avoid starting a “Europe is ‘better’ than America campaign”. Right now you guys are fucking STRUGGLING. If it wasn’t for the IMF you would be in shambles.
      If it wasn’t for your women and futbol I would not like you.

    3. lol sure, have you ever seen the american debt you moron? it’s 357% of your GDP, you morons are going to go under, very soon, there are tons of scenarios where USA will become a minor economy in comparison to other developing countries.

    4. america kept a lt of other countrys a float its the main reason why a lot of country where doing good but eva since the recession a lot of countrys are going under including america why u think there been riots everywhere cuz no money is being made anywhere

    5. English, also known as common tongue as it the most widely spoken language on the planet…Learn it, use it, stop making people think you are a completely uneducated moron by failing so completely when trying to type a simple statement.

    6. Leave it to the asshat european man to ruina perfectly crude masturbation reference on the internet :$

  1. Are you mad? americans are the one making the problems in Europe i know because they did that with my country and with bailing do you think killing over 200.000 people? you must be rely smart to do that… So turn off your TV and go somewhere to see THE TRUTH.

    1. And….uh…what country is that exactly? America has had to make regular bailouts to numerous European countries, but it has been a while since they fought anyone from Europe. Maybe you need to turn off your T.V., which clearly your government is using for brainwashing purposes, and go meet some of the soldiers you are bad-mouthing.

    2. Its obvious to see that you are visibly upset.
      Because of this, I advise you to,
      get off this site and go somewhere to get a life.

    3. I guess Epic fail is the place for “the truth?” By “Bailing” i mean the failed socialist economies such as Greece that need IMF money. Also, the next time Europe is getting overan by a people such as the Nazis, dont come crying to us for help. Or when your country is in a place, oh lets say Vietnam, dont come to us for help. Most every war the US has gotten involved in since its creation, is/was because of our ALLIES needing help because THEY failed

    4. what the americans dont want you to know is that they actually have one the the worlds largest yet per capita least successful militaries and hold one of the worlds largest national debts and rely on their various allies(european and otherwise) more then their allies rely on them. Also note that many americans do believe what they see on their news and have developed the delusion that they are better then everyone else. …like a christian believes in god…just because it isnt true doesn’t mean anyone can convince them otherwise.

    5. If our military is so fail, why does NATO need us? Maybe if we werent so busy helping developing/third world nations our deficit wouldnt be so high. I would love to hear how the US relies more on Europe than Europe relies on the US. If someone believes in the afterlife then to them its true, you saying you dont believe in God doesnt make it fact for everyone else. how selfish do you have to be to say everyone else is wrong but you? Yet you call Americans delusional? You have some serious issues

    6. hahahah developing i remember the last time america came to develop something. they have destroyed around 500.000 houses and over 1mil people put to exile, but they made biggest army base in Europe called bondsteel. read something about it. then you will now how is your moral country helping terrorists just because of interest.

    7. and one more thing if you learned history you became from European people so talking like that about Europe shoves how much respect you have for anybody else. Dont take me wrong i dont hate america i just hate wars that they make.

    8. yes, I probably have issues but at no point did I attempt a vague insult toward you so as in many peoples opinion the lack of maturity is an issue, clearly you also have issues. NATO doesnt need the us and there is no evidence to support that statement. The us generally acts without NATO(including againced NATO) then expects NATO to pick up the slack. Afterlife has little to nothing to do with the “god” concept and thinking something doesnt make it true. One can believe one without the other, either way doesnt make them right. Clearly you are one the the foolish americans that believes almost if not everything that your propaganda filled media tells you. As such I will not honor you with any further replies as you have already proven you have a biased opinion that drives to to be disagreeable and accept tainted views of reality that depict the us somehow better then it actually is. I hope you have a wonderful day.

    9. Wow, Pyro – you seem to have impressed. Maybe if you can get some more support from Euro trash such as Eros and Skyle you can run for a political position and try to lift Europe from its god-awful economic state. And from there, you can do the whole world a favor by funding a government project that would create a venerial disease that would infect all pussies – thus killing everyone from France.

    10. Give 1 example of the US NEEDING NATO to pick up slack … and please dont say the 1000 (LOL?) soldiers you had in Iraq. And for every person the US has killed or displaced, we have saved an equal number with food donations and medical breakthroughs. Why dont you tell us what your country has accomplished? Oh yeah, you’re too scared to even mention where your from.

    11. Oh … and Eros, ilooked up “Bondsteel” and is this what makes you mad? “The base also has, arguably, the best hospital in Kosovo, also two recreation buildings that have phones, computers with internet connection.” Its ok to be Jelouse of people because they have things that you struggle for.

    12. Hahahahah wtf are you talking about. Phone and internet? XD you are dumb for sure now i know with this argument. And yes if you want to talk about that my country had Nikola Tesla. If we didnt sold you the patent you would be siting in a dark for 100y more. but us usual we where saving your ass in ww2 and again in 2003…

    13. careful with bringing up Tesla…he’ll probably bring up Edison and think its a valid argument even though tesla was using the (including but not limited to) incandescent ligt bulb years before

    14. Ok then, we’ll just take all our military technology back then. All those planes, missiles, and stuff like that. Oh yeah, and we are going to require payment for saving your butts in the first two world wars (adjusted for inflation of course). Oh you’re broke? That’s OK, we’ll take fine art, gold bullion, silver bullion, whatever you got that’s worth money.. This world better hope that there isn’t another revolution in the USA. I’m betting that should a revolution happen, the new government would start collecting debts owed real quick; and with the exception of China, you owe us a bunch of money world..

    15. So your croatian? I can see why you wouldnt want to admit that. And im sorry your claim to fame hated your land so much he wanted to pass away in the U.S. “Tesla died with little money at the age of 86 in a hotel suite in New York City”

    16. I’d be impressed by this guy if only he was correct in what he says. There is easily per capita just as many nice cars in Canada and even more in Europe where most of the worlds super cars are designed, built and interestingly enough…owned. Think he knows all he is doing is making americans seem like fat headed blowhards?

    17. If the rest of the world owes the US and they are all mighty…I guess we Canadians can stop powering a good chunk of the states and providing fresh water and fish and lumber and educated students and, and, and the US can pay what they owe us Canadians for at very least all said power and water. On the subject of military technology please enlighten me as to what you are referring. The armor US tanks use is British and the favored brands of fire arm for the US military are European not to mention arguably the best anti-tank missile system is Canadian and used by countries world wide and wile some countries use surplus american aircraft, without those we would just design our own or buy up surplus aircraft for example but not limited to Migs or euro fighters that rate the same and better then the ones your country sells. As has already been covered, economically the US is dying and your people are letting it happen. We, the rest of the world can do just fine without you…the same cannot be said if even just Canada closed its borders to you. The ONLY thing the us has that canada needs is Steel…and we have an abundance of platinum and diamonds(infact enough diamonds to make the world diamond price plummet) so I’m sure we can trade with others to get that if need be.

    18. It doesn’t matter where your from,people are going to try to have pride in were their from.But really every place in the worlds fucked up at least once,and every country has done shitty things,not just the US.They don’t start wars,they make them worse by trying to solve them.And European countries have done shit too.I have several Bosnian,and Croatian friends who’s parents had to go through war,which was not caused by Americans,but by Europeans.Napolean,hitler,Mussolini,I can say shit about Europe too,but I’m nor a person looking for something to be proud of.And the same goes with Us for having lazy ass,non working Americans who rely on hispanics to do all the hard work in their country,the Us was founded,and build upon taking advantage of people.So,their I’m not some ignorant American.And in reality,the only country who can talk about finances is China.So lets jsut not fight,we all bad things about us,but also good things,Europe is full of culture,and has many amazing languages,with so many lttle countries with history! The US has magnificent cities,and is so influential,very powerful too.(They can make money appear out of no where!).So lets set our differences aside,and not start fights on comedy websites. =)

    19. It’s funny reading this. People in other countries whine and say America this, America that. Even better, is Pyro’s own fail. Hey, Candian butt boy. Did you forget that your nation’s so screwed up, that it has zero homeland security? That’s right, if it wasn’t for Canada, the terrorist that kicked off 9/11 wouldn’t have made it through Canada. As far as your little butt buddy Eros. I got something for you pal. If it wasn’t for you weaklings in Europe letting Germany walk all over you and crying to the US for help. You’d all be speaking German right now.

    20. We dont need a people control organization like homeland security, we dont suffer terrorist attacks that require it because we dont start shit like Vietnam and Iraq. The flights that hit the trade center were from american airports not Canadian (additionally terrorists are known to have all forms of passports including but not limited to both Canadian and American) thus that is an ignorant statement that helps show that you are just grasping at straws trying to win an argument or hopping no one would reply. Oh and how else if my nation screwed up? Our national debt is payed off, we have yet to have terrorist problems, we dont start wars or “police action” when we are not welcome by the majority, we have had better health care and education then the US for many years…so please do tell how Canada is so screwed up.
      WWII was won by Russia NOT the US. As was already covered in this thread, the US did provide significant assistance during WWII but was not as major of a component to victory as american history books seem to portray. Come on Hexal lets see if you can find some fact to knock other countries rather then doing it like a 12 year old…lol

    21. Bubbles, how is it that china is the only country that can argue finances? They are not the only country that the US owes huge amounts of money.

  2. think we should tell him that Canada has had cheaper and faster internet then the us for many years and Europe is even faster and cheaper then canada? We all struggle…indeed we do..LOL

    1. Cheaper? HAHAHAHA, you think we drive Cadillac escalades and hummers because we care how much gas costs? HAHAHAHA

    2. Sean please die for sake of humanity. And btw Tesla was Serbian not Croatian learn something before you make some arguments…And again i say you didnt save us from ww2 we saved you. search on youtube forgotten 500. oh yes you are welcome.

    3. eros…yes he was Serbian but where Tesla was from is present day Croatia, which is probably what our little american friend meant.

    4. Also…to be fair…the Americans did play a large part in the liberation of many German occupied territories throughout the course of WWII and were the only country to throw their air crews away like yesterdays trash wile foolish daytime air raids that wile werent very damaging, prevented the German war machine from advancing to their fullest potential during the day…aditionally the americans had the furthest flying fighters of the era and provided invaluable escort for other allied bombers on their night raids. HOWEVER…the war probably would have gone fine without them…after all it was the Russians that actually ended the war for everyone and it was the combined efforts of all the “level bomber” flying nations that made that possible after Germany’s accidental attack on London. Most of the world knows how large of a part all/many nations payed during that war but I fear the american educational system may be a little lacking in the area of world history and likely portrays an inaccurate and biased version of conflicts the Americans have taken part in from the war of 1812 probably right up to present day.

    5. Hexal, before you try to disprove a statement perhaps you should do some research. Canada provides the US with over 9% of its power requirements and currently owes Canada somewhere around $80 billion. Wile 9% doesn’t sound like much, without it much of your power network would overload and places like California would go dark. This information is available from any search engine. Additionally we also supply a great deal of fresh drinking water, would like like to make yourself seemed uninformed about that as well?

  3. Why is there so much hate on here? I dont sit here and try to add up who has done more for the other. I am glad that we have allies to begin with. I am not glad at the fact people can point fingers and blame whoever the hell they want because WE ALL make EQUAL contributions to society. Why try to judge who has done more based on supercars, military, econmic worth, production Instead I don’t know how about somthing that actually helps everyone not just your ego or your patriotism. We are all proud of our country and should show it but not at the cost of someone else. We all DEPEND on eachother for a reason. I am from the US but I have NO negative feelings or opinions towards any of our allies or the people that come with them. We all have somthing to teach eachother so why not spend more time working on that rather then the crap we are doing now.

    1. if contributions to society are EQUAL as you put it, why is the us still not paying for the power Canada provides? Wile I do understand that the people of California and the various other states that are powered by canada pay for power, why is it that no part of that money is diverted back to canada and when the power companies threaten to turn off the power your government threatens trade suspension. Unfortunately the world isn’t as fair and equal as you seem to see it…though I long for the day it is…

    2. Hey, Pyro, Canada doesn’t supply any power to the US. Or did you forget about that? So you have no real claim at all. Unless you think you can back it up with some real facts. Which, is doubtful here.

  4. Dipsht…give the cheesy stuff a rest. This is not a public diss but for your own well being…take some time off and return with something original…it’s heartbreaking when I read your recycled stuff…”your mom/ dad, Jews, anus, no homo, etc”. If I could avoid you… I would but you’re everywhere! I have a feeling you are a normal guy during the day but can’t shake this cpu superhero/ villan thing by night. I’m sorry but I actually signed up to this site solely to say this exact thing to you

  5. This is a Epic Win… Obama sucks! Obama is a big pile of bird poop on a new pair of white shoes! Obama is a effin pair of clown shoes!

    1. The Internet: providing idiots the anonymity to say whatever they want to each other since 1995.

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