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    1. i congratulate you on your first comment because technically you are first.. chris the asshole didnt say first there for you are first to say first….no homo

  1. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! She was proud as hell,lol, ehhh, it looked like she was doing the running man she was so happy. That’s what you get for wearing ugly shoes to graduation honey. Did you hear the kid laugh in the back ground?

  2. looks like she did that shit on purpose. who da fuck gonna roll around like she did when they fall in fronna buncha people like dat?

    1. What are you a freaking moron? No doubt she is an attention whore but she fell by accident. Look at her left foot; it twists.

    1. I was waiting for someone to comment on those assholes. Can’t believe they just stood there…

  3. It’s like she’s about five and she’s playing dress-up wearing her mom’s shoes. Some kind of cooking school or something…not an academic graduation. Epic would have been if she’d face-planted again after getting up and trying to ghetto-walk off stage.

  4. hilarious and embarrassing. It’s funny how the guy in the background laughs really loud, I would’ve been right with him. Hell, I probably would’ve hit the floor, too…laughing my ass off

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