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    1. first****** i win assholes and preacher i will do you ass.. dont fuck with me …. no homo…

    2. The point is to be the first to comment on the page, not the first to say the word first. You are a moron.


  2. Some white people will never admit they are envious of black people. Too damn lame! Photo shop them damn mosquito bites and darken your skin while you’re at it.

    1. Nice disillusion. you know once you go white, you got it right. You’re probably spankin it right now to her picture.

    2. pffft yea I wanna look like a fat ass black chick with no dignity. :/ I’ll stay white thank you.

    3. keep smokin that boat NoThanks. I’m satisfied at being a redneck.btw… I can tell of you??? Where did you learn to speak/type??

    4. @TheDude I guess actually having an ass means that you’re fat. Yep! You’re white alright.

      @mmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee We’re you’re greatest enemy…. Black people who are better educated and can type/speak better than your inbred back country redneck ass. LOL

    5. Whew I got scared for a minute, education is a guarentee to be better than me. I can build a house, weld, repair a car, run a multi acre farm, sell professional products, drive a 4-wheeler and stick shift, hunt, fish, provide for family, and have time to play softball, on top of everything else any man could do so try me with you wealth of useless knowledge. God couldnt make you better than me… damn biggot.

    6. All of you cracker ass red neck skin cancer getting motherfuckers can go to sleep in your polygamists daddy’s dude ranches and get drunk off of the special juice that you will never wake up from now. Stupid ass racist white people. You will never have the beauty of a black person. You’ve tried for over 200 years now. You have to give up. You will never Rest In Peace. EVER!
      @me you dumb bitch learn how to spell bitch. Spell check every single last one of your words before you critic someone else. Do you know what the typo is you raggedy ann ass hoe. God had nothing to do with it because between me and you, you know deep down in side who the champions of the world are. Even your forefathers couldn’t stand the thought of us being better at everything so they torn us down. We hunt with lions while your dumb asses couldn’t even could even come out in the daytime. Repair a car on that bitches!!

    7. Damn does that mean I get a D in english. Aw man,I never said anything criticizing a brotha

    8. No bitch, not even. You get an E for effort and an F for being a failure at life, you silly hoe.

    9. @ TheDude no body wants a fat white sloppy bitch! White people smell like bologna when they get wet or sweaty. Disgusting.

    10. hmm inheriting a 17 acre farm south of the mason dixon, yea I’m a loser and a failure, 1.7 million worth of land and im the failure that i actually worked toward my whole life. I thing the F stands for F you I’m already better than you. I only have a community college education and make less than 20K a year, So I can do more with less, you’re just to stupid to know how to spend money and keep it. Common Win! becuase you’re the defiinition of it…common

    11. Assuming that the original photo is on the left, I reckon that she’s absolutely smokin’ and I don’t know why anyone would need to Photoshop her pic at all.

      @NoThanks: Firstly, you said “Spell check every single last one of your words before you critic someone else” – I think you meant “critique”. From the context of your sentence here, I am pretty sure you meant to say “critique”. Look up a dictionary to check the difference between “critic” and “critique” if you like.

      Secondly, “Do you know what the typo is you raggedy ann ass hoe.” I’m sure you’re asking a question here. So, where’s the question mark? Also, you should have asked “Do you know what *a* typo is…?” instead of “Do you know what *the* typo is…?” – check the usage and meaning of definite and indefinite articles as parts of speech in English.

      Lastly, “Raggedy Ann” is a name of a character, so it’s a proper noun and should be capitalised as such, instead of being typed as “raggedy ann” (in lower case).

      In short, if you’re going to criticise anyone about their English (as in, “learn how to spell bitch. Spell check every single last one of your words”), get yours right first.

  3. Black people were put on this world for our entertainment so we can laugh at their jokes and the funny way they talk and watch them play sports

    1. and Keyboard Nazis like you were put here to be the jealous envious douches that you are because the internet is your only safe haven from the harsh realities of life….you are my entertainment goober

    2. @Noble – This “Delsaber” probably ran home to type shit about black folks right after getting his/her ass beat up by a black person.

    3. What is the solution, screw all the white girls till your all the same as us?? Thaty makes you just as white… cracka- you’re just the pumpernickel variety thats all.

  4. She tried photoshopping her boobs, too, look at her butt, there’s a tiny swirl, then on her boob, there’s the same thing. She failed in both parts. :/

  5. The only reason Mr. Black Welder knows what a wheel is … is because redneck white people / everything a black person has ever done successful has been outdone emensely by whites .. Best rapper .. ( Eminem) White

    Best Basketball Player Ever (Steve Nash ) White .. The only thing black men are better at then white men is Raping (not to be confused with rapping) underage girls/boys , example Michael Jackson ( yes he is black and all you other black have a little bit a mikey in ya) That guy that plays basket ball in L.A. when he ain’t in jail Kolby or Colby Bryant who else hmmm Mike Tyson also a Rapist R Kelly Rapist .. OJ Simpson rumor has it raped that white womens ass cause she didnt want the dummy near it when they where married she was saving it for mr. white … everything we do .. black people want to attempt because we come up with all the great ideas if blacks were smarter we whites would be in africa copying them … seeing who could swing the furthest on a vine or win weekly bannana eating contests … Why try to compete with us at our game we dont wanna sweep you up off the floor at the end of it , thats why we had you sweeping our floors at the begining… dummys

  6. wow guys are stupid. glad i’m not black or white seeing that your argueing way of the subject of the picture. i think it was an epic fail and she should be embarrassed

  7. I hate racists and bigots regardless of nationality, creed, or colour. As well as those in capable of using basic grammar and then criticizing others for the same.

  8. Lol, every chick wants ass now. And seriously, how the hell did a pic like this get on racial innuendo’s? I’m black, proud of it, and my black people shouldn’t let a bunch of racism influence them, on the internet for that matter (the birth place of all trolls). Let them be idiots bu don’t respond idiotically back, cause once you do, you’re playing at their idiot game and they have years of practice.

  9. Of course this is suppose to be about the photoshop and all of you dumbasses have to turn it into something racial related. Oh yeah, that makes you a hardass and real cool. Get a damn life. Whether anyone likes it, black people are good at shit and so are white people. Cut the bullshit.

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