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    1. yes he is, a very gay one who in the future will suck cocks and get fucked the ass because thats what fag do.

  1. Making fun of a little kid…very mature from you. Retaded Americans are the only people on earth who find gay kids and pedophilia funny.

    Go back to your yard to drink beer stupid redneck.

    1. I love the States and I don’t believe that every american sits by his/her computer, looking for people to hate… But this really scares me. No wonder there’s war when people are hateful to everything they know nothing about! I’m not perfect & I know very little about gay people but I have NO reason to hate them! What I’m trying to say Yoyo is: Don’t hate the fucking rednecks. Feel sorry for them!;-)

    2. Joe, we’re all here behind a computer screen and an online anonymity. That’s why there is so much hate. I guarantee half of the “haters” would say this in public with their name attached. And without rednecks, we’d pay more for liquor.

    3. Just so I understand…

      Using the word retarded = OK
      Spelling retarded incorrectly = OK
      Laughing at gay kid = NOT OK

  2. it’s a kid ffs. his moves are better than what i see in many music videos. if this was my son i would definitely let him develop his talent!

  3. This hasn’t stopped being funny for me. I haven’t even watched it yet and I’m laughing just thinking about this kids moves.

  4. I would have to say the kids is probably gay. On one hand I do get a chuckle out of the video. But if you think about it, at least the kids parents are supportive of him. I have friends who haven’t talked to their family because the family won’t accept they are gay.
    The video is def. funny and I hope more gay kids family put in some effort for them. If my kids were gay, it would be hard – but it is my job to help them be healthy so I would need to get over it.

  5. hey “Alex”,idont care if hes a kid or not, thats the gayest thing iv EVER seen. iwonder who raised him? a couple of gay women? bottem line that little fag needs to be whipped into shape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    1. With people like you in the world, no wonder there are gay suicides all over the world. You probably know nothing about gay people and if u think you do, you obviously don’t. Your sense of reality needs to be whipped into shape. Oh, and gay couples don’t always have gay kids, genius… I hope u don’t plan on having kids…

  6. Kid has some real skills IMO. Who really should give a shit if he is a sissy-boy? He is living “his” life BTW.

    And by the time he is a young man, he will be athletic enough to kick most guy’s asses. He will need to be.

  7. hey fuckwits, this kid is probably a top dancer or teacher now and making a whole lota money than some of you loosers. Sure he was probably born gay but so what, he aint no ‘son fail’. I have two sons who do kick boxing and im proud of them but i would also be proud if this was my kid, so open ya fukin minds and hearts dumbasses !

  8. This is exactly the reason why homosexuals should not be allowed to adopt. This young man could have made something out of himself, instead now he’s a flaming homosexual (Obviously..). As for everyone who thinks this is genetic. It’s not. You CAN NOT be homosexual by genetics. It’s a choice. If someone grew up with gay parents, who do you think they’re going to strive to be like? They come home on a daily basis to their “dads” kissing and who the hell knows what else. It’s disgusting. Anyone who agrees that children are BORN gay are lunatics. Have you ever heard of a “gay” five year old? NO! BECAUSE THEY TURN GAY DUMBASS. SO, for everyone taking the time to read this: This disgusts me. EPIC FAIL!

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