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    1. dude no one fucks my ass ok… and secondly im no homo got that im a israeli heterosexual… who likes to explore my sexuality btw i congratulate you on your first comment. no homo

    2. ya , most of dipsht fan base is as gay as hell. It makes dipsht hard just thinking about all the ass banging he can get from his flaming fans.

    1. He’s just mad his sister/brother left him for his auntie/uncle. Fucking faggot ass inbreeder. Nasty ass probably fucks his dog too. Matter of fact he probably is half dog because he is obviously color blind. His eyes are red, used douche drinker.

  1. Is he the villain in the next Men in Black movie? I hope not..that’ll give me nightmares for years to come!

  2. Getting in touch with your feminine side is an understatement … once you put on those long fake eyelashes you went from feminine to gay!!! Coming from a lesbian I call em when I see em

  3. sorry dipsht…. but you’re gay…. claiming to “explore your sexuality” is gay in and of itself…. but.. shit I have no idea what the FUCK most of the people are saying here… the vernacular is so fucked, and education is so low.. but ultimately… you are gay. 🙂 more power to you

    1. I think 99% of the users on this site are children. It’s a generation of under educated “fail trolls” it seems.

  4. There is a hybrid name for sick fucks like this. I think it’s FUG… cross between thug and… what was that other word for gay bitches?

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