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    1. no your dads a homo how do i know hes cheating on your mum with me… wannabe dipsht…….no homo..

  1. Dude these are fake the IPhone would not auto correct cook for cock.. I have one. Most of these IPhone ones are fake…

    1. I know iPhone wouldn’t do this kind of autocorrect.. it was just a lie to his mom to be apologized

  2. im pretty sure some of them are fake, but others arn’t and if you used the word “cock” frequently in your iphone… it would def. auto correct it to that, because it assumes what word your wanting to say based and wat words you use most frequently. and maybe he doesn’t say cook a whole lot. lol

  3. Dude yea it would auto correct it to cock ,if the person wrote cock alot it would auto correct cook to cock or anyother diff words that’s y I reset my dictionary sometimes n settings

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