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  1. Ha ha ha!
    Her looks at the end of the video were like, “What? It’s NOT possible?! Why are you looking at me like that?”

  2. . . . . .
    I’ve never imagined stupidity reaching such stages. And I just realized why everyone calls blondes stupid idiots.

  3. My words’ll expose George Bush and Bin Laden
    As two separate parts of the same seven headed dragon
    And you can’t fathom the truth, so you don’t hear me
    You think illuminati’s just a fuckin conspiracy theory?

    1. no i will not… i am the all seeing eye i see every thing…and i am here to educate you guys…. no homo

    2. @dipsht

      successful troll is successful.
      He trolls the fuck out of all of you yet you keep feeding the troll.Too funny

      7/10 for you dipsht

    1. the human race is a fail Itself
      The most reasonable option is suicide in this insane world
      but I’d rather be here when God decides to put his cock in your ass

    2. god is dead…rapture came and nothing happened. Now oden…he did what he promised. I dont nee any ice giants…except maybe Zdeno Chara…

  4. I don’t see what the fail is. With everybody bitching about global warming, we should start global cooling. Everybody leave your doors and windows open and turn your AC to the max. That’s a Nobel Prize idea right there.

    1. agreer, have you ever considered that the AC spends energy? and humans crazy search for obtaining that energy is the reason for the global warmming? the reason why the world is in the actual condition its because there are retarded s-holes like you. Peace

    2. Lima, have you ever considered that the Earth is warming all on it’s own? And that we have as much impact on the Earth as that ant mound has to your backyard? The reason we are all divided and can’t move forward is because sheep like you. War

    3. OMG,Tex, have you born in 20’s or something? Read something and get some valid information, would you? Take your head out of your ass, i try to think a bit, ok? Do that favour to yourself…

    4. ok, an ac works like a fridge, you cool a place by transporting heat out. this only works if the place you want to cool is closed, and the ac is on the OUTSIDE (or at least it’s exhaust)
      you get the cooling effect by the expansion of a coolant, which cools down according to the law of boyle-mariott, BUT you have to compress the coolant later again, otherwise the ac would work only once.
      though the compression of the coolant now generates heat AND uses energy which causes more heat than cooling. so if everyone would open their windows and “cool” the earth with acs, they actually would heat the earth because an ac produces e.g. 50 cool and 70 heat which makes 20 heat overall
      IT SIMPLY DOESNT WORK, 9th grade physics…

    5. boontah thank fuck someone explained it. You amerifags are generally total idiots who can’t even point iraq on the map.

    6. @ Lima
      I guess you must have accurate temp readouts from the beginning of time until now. I suppose there couldn’t be some natural phenomenon that’s occurring right now. Nobody knows for sure. So save me your so called valid information because it’s all just speculation.

    7. Tex, you are 100% right, but unfortunately, those who believe in man-made global warming have the same mindset of the religious. You cannot convince them. Just look at how, even though predictions made in the late 1990s about mass calamity within 10 years didn’t come true, they still cling to their belief! Their ego is at stake too. The other night, I somehow found myself at a posh dinner in Beverly Hills, full of global-warming believers, and they talked about their “conversion” as if it was religious. For some of them, it was watching Al Gore’s propaganda film, others it was a “science” teacher in high school who presented all the false data from the last few years as factual. Once they’ve been through that, and surrounded themselves with fellow believers, then they become convinced that people like us are just insane, even though the very premise of man-made global warming is absolutely preposterous. Throughout all of history, man has known that he CANNOT affect the weather, no matter how hard he tries, yet the global warming alarmists would have us believe that has somehow magically changed in the last few years.

    8. climate change is a fact, we have all the data from ice cores of the arctics, this is a scientific fact, also it is highly assumable that burning fossil fuels and realeasing co2 is linked to the recent changes
      it is not 100% sure, but highly propable, for me propable enough to do something against it.
      and even if it is not anthropogenic the outcome is sth we have to worry about

    9. @beakt, funny you mention religion here, the deniers are those who act like creationists, presenting data and evifence that points towards a rise in temperature are ignored thouroughly

    10. Let me put it this way (I don’t know why I bother, but here goes). 0% of all predictions of mass calamity didn’t happen. From population explosions leading to unprecedented world-wide starvation in the 1980s, to global cooling in the 1970s destroying our planet, to us running out of oil by 1950, running out of timber, etc. No one can predict the future about anything, particularly not weather. (I can’t believe I even have to tell anyone this. Isn’t it self-evident?) We can’t even predict the weather accurately a few days out. So why would it be reasonable to believe that the proponents of this latest prediction of pending doom are right this time? Especially when they’ve been telling this story for nearly 20 years, and we should have already been burning up by now according to their earlier predictions. Why haven’t they lost credibility?

      Here’s why. As Boontah pointed out, no one knows all the facts. Yet, the propagandic techniques of the global-warming mythologists work very well, and get people to think what Boontah just typed: that is, “I’m not sure, but it sounds so scary, so, just in case, I’ll support the fight against global warming! What could it hurt?” The problem, of course, is that this “fight” involves tyrannical legislation and unprecedented expansion of government power to control our lives. And, unlike predictions about weather, one thing we can expect with certainty is that concentration of more and more power into the hands of government elites always makes the society and the citizens worse off. Because every example in history has proven it.

      So, even though I could not fairly claim to be able to predict that there will be no heating up in coming years, I think it is completely illogical and foolish to believe it is likely at all, let alone that we can or should try to do something about it.

    11. beakt, 0% of them didn’t happen? You mean they all happened? We’re out of oil? And timber?

      Oh, also: “No one can predict the future about anything,” and “one thing we can expect with certainty is that concentration of more and more power into the hands of government elites always makes the society and the citizens worse off.” Huh?


    12. Oh, I meant 100% of them didn’t happen. That was a typo. As for the other sentences, those were typed right, and I can’t explain them to you, because you are retarded.

  5. >I don’t see what the fail is… we should start global cooling. Everybody leave your doors and windows open and turn your AC to the max.

    LOL. OK, air conditioners move heat. For instance, they move heat from inside your house to the outside. (You refrigerator move heat from inside of it to the outside, that’s why it’s warm behind or underneath your refrigerator.) In fact, on net it generates heat (to run compressor, and losses in general). If you put an air conditioner outside (or leave you doors and windows open, it ends up being a heater.

    And while you’re being “Nobel Prize” material, “global warming” (in the anthropogenic sense) is a farce. In fact, it’s and Epic Fail.

    1. Wrong!!! AC is a miracle that works with magic and even though you are probably not a scientist, you are a lying motherf**ker and you’re getting me pissed.

    2. Also, I dont think “I am being” Nobel Prize material, I would not take credit for this idea from the girl in the video. Also, global warming is not only pretty much proven, it is pretty much common sense. I won’t waste my time arguing the issue further since you are probably a faith not facts type of person.

  6. That’s crazy I was actually thinking something similar to this about an hour ago on my drive home. Except I was thinking if it was possible to create certain chemicals that could be dispensed around your person which might cool the surrounding air about 15 to 20 degrees. Even if it was only a ten foot radius around you. Except in windy conditions, the wind would blow away the cooler air immediately.

  7. I’m sorry but I watch this and don’t see how you people can make the comments you do. I’m not saying it’s a great idea but it’s like making fun of the fat person running at the park. They are at least trying to do something.

  8. She’s insane.
    By the way, when I was a kid in the 70’s the same fuckin idiots were concerned about global cooling and the coming Ice Age. Just live your life and die happy. You can’t change anything.

  9. What an idiot. Everyone knows the only way to cool off the air is to Drop a Mile Wide Icecube into the Ocean every Summer.

    Fucking duntz.

  10. I hope she kicked her boyfriend in the nuts and dumped him for doing this to her. What a jerk. A man should be nice to his woman, not record her and egg her on for the sole purpose of mocking.

  11. It’s a very bad idea that is already invented and in use mainly for heating the ionosphere, Google ‘HAARP’

  12. she is so SMART !!! xD why i have never think of it -.- oh ya becose only blonds come with this great ideas

  13. Hopefully the “brains” in this dumb bitch`s clit are more functional then the mutant brains cells located in her skull. Lets hope she won`t become a spawner. Still has purpose perhaps as a semen depository with three available orifices.

  14. Have you wondered where you would put the hot air from the A/C? Maybe we should reverse the polarity of the sun. That’s a much better idea… Um, yeah.

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