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    1. Yep… they just need to have some underage school girl dressed in school uniform shit it out for them.

  1. McDonalds will surely capitalize on this to make more profit. If their burgers didn’t taste like shit before, you should be able to taste it now.

    1. who the fuck are you and why are you trying to be me.. you asshole ill shit on you mums face.. stop using my name.. im the real dipsht and always will be an og dipsht… so many people trying to be and be like me its become a joke… ill do all ur assholes one by one…. no homo..

    2. btw you can tell its really me by my color and pattern dont fall for these fake wannabees… once again ill shit in all your mouths and melt in your mouths… sincerely yours dipsht

  2. lmfao, I read it as “human faces” the first time then started reading the article as I ate a hog dog at 7 am.

  3. “Waiter, this is the shittiest steak I’ve ever had! What the hell is your cook doing back there? I want to have a word with him!”
    “He’s in the bathroom, sir, making more steaks.”

  4. If you eat shit, then you’re a shit? Or a shit eater?
    But if you’re a cannibal and you eat a shit eater, then you are a shit eater eater?
    Wait, now I’m confused.
    What came first the shit or the shit eater?

  5. cashier: “may i take your order?”
    me: “ummmm yea, i’d like a cheeseburger…”
    cashier: “and how would you like that dressed sir?”
    me: “all kinds of shit i guess… whatever you have…”

  6. @daniel: actually, if you think about it, if all that is true, then they’ve managed to make a food that could potentially taste better going out than it did going in

  7. haha poopy poop mouth, haha after the earthquake they all just started eating shit cuz they ran outta food haha

  8. Actually this means i can sell my shit after i am done 🙂
    So its not a bad trade i will eat normal food and sell my shit lol
    I will be like ” hey want to buy my shit and eat it ?”
    dam that sounds horrible.

  9. I’m glad they didn’t do THAT while I was stationed there. Come to think of it, I’m just glad I didn’t eat any steak while I was there.


    1. I saw that tentacle shit. What was it on? efuct, maybe? My first thought was that will spawn alot more weird porn crap. But, then again, how much weirder can it get?

  11. New weight loss program. “You enjoy your steak sir?” “Yes, I did.” “Do you like recycling programs?” “Yes, I do, why?” “Because you just ate recycled shit, will you fill out this survey on how it tasted?”

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