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    1. Only foreigners who do not understand “Redneck Engineering” can think its not a “win.” It’s like saying “French Military War Hero” if that’s easier for you to understand.

    2. johnny: oh yeah american are so great sooooooooo intelligent… Only un american have common sense and think that this is definitely a TOTAL SECURITY FAIL. Oh and the bushes looks crapier than before.

    3. lol punky. QC=Quebec? Chill out just because I dissed the french. You still do not understand what I was saying. It’s like “military intelligence” you know, an Oxymoron: a figure of speech that combines contradictory terms. You stupid fuck. And American’s are so great and so intelligent, thanks for the complement. I think you meant “safety fail” also. You should put down the francophone music and french books and read more english to understand what we are REALLY saying you french fuck.

    4. @Johnny LOL…”French Military War Hero” ^ Comment FTW!

      @qc_punky Yeah, you don’t hear about any other countries having to deal with mass immagration issues, do you? If America wasn’t great, what does everyone want to come here?

      Oh, I’m not sure it’s a “Security Fail”… something could have been done to the chainsaw to render it harmless, like removing the chain? or disengaging the drive so the engine idles faster but doesn’t spin the chain.

    5. lol… you got a government that lies to you and doing stupid shit all over the world! if that not intelligent and stuff …. lost civilization

    6. all governments lie. Hmm, would I rather be lied to and have a government THAT IS THE ONLY ONE WILLING TO STEP UP AGAINST MURDEROUS ——–DICTATORS or would I rather be the smaller society that gets killed because of my religon or believes or for speaking out against my government… What do you think? I could go stand outside and say “obama is racist” till I’m blue in the face and I won’t be shot or arrested for doing so. Try doing that in North Korea about Kim Jong Il or in Syria. Everyone hates on America because its the best place to live.

    7. no offence but who will step up against you? with that last message you literally just confirmed what lool said. they feed you what they want you to think and you thank your government. most of the time, it is your government murdering all around the world, imposing their money making culture wherever they go. your governement uses ideological symbols such a democracy and freedom to put forward its own personal goals abroad, not the good of the world. if it did so then why are there so many dictatorships still in power. also let me remind you who put dictators in power after the 2nd world war. oh yeah. it was the us. (think about south america and damn, bin laden)

      we dont hate america cause its the best place to live but because you think youre the best and dont give a shit about the rest of the world. sure you know a lot about your country. or you think you do anyways. but you dont know anything about the rest of the world and instantly grow to despise it because you dont understand it.

      also, just letting you know, there are a lot of place around the world that share democratic and liberal values. actually, they were born outside the us. also let me remind you of your civil war and how many of your compatriots stood and fought for the preservation of slavery.

    8. It’s funny because Americans think that there is only two types of countries in the world: USA and the rest, all third world countries ruled by dictators. Do you ever heard of countries like Germany, Switzerland, Swenden, Denmark or Finland? American don’t even have a decent public health system, even Cuba has one. Go figure.

    9. me again 😉

      best place to live??? Naaaaahhh nope …. there are some real nice places in europe were we have no criminals with guns on the street an people that have no home to live …. think ’bout it

    10. Ok first of all you french morons or whatever the hell kind of human you are. There is no telling how many times the fucking US has bailed many different countries out of the shitty situations that they have been in if i don’t recall one of our biggest enemies in WW2 was just hit by a fucking Tsunami a while back and what did your shitty country do PAY IN MONOPOLOY MONEY!?!?!? While AMERICA geared up the MOST to help that country out and you say us AMERICANS are stupid? I don’t care what the fuck the government is doing all i care about is my family in this MILITARY risking their lives from others who LIKE to kill and blow shit up, if you really want to go there bring it on mother fucker. Seriously kid grow the fuck up

  1. Leather Face’s son in acton…seriously wtf? Putting not only himself in danger but the people around him….idiot…

  2. Dumb ass. It would’ve been a Redneck engineering win if he would have sliced himself in half that way we’d have one less redneck to worry about. I’m not too worried though he’ll probably overdose on meth or have a single car accident while driving under the influence of stupidity.

    1. Y’know dude karmas a bitch sometimes, watch what you say. Oh and by the way not all rednecks do meth and drive under the influence idiot.

    2. Shut the fuck up hoe. In my statement did you see anywhere where I said all rednecks do meth fucker? And I said, dumb ass, that he would probably crash driving under the influence of STUPIDITY! Learn to COMPREHEND STUPID!

    3. I misread the statement at the end where it say “under the influence of stupidity” that is the only correction of the statement I had, and secondly you pretty much implied that all rednecks do meth, i.e. if some random movie star did that (swinging a chainsaw by a rope.) would you say they should overdose on meth? Your one big fucking idiot. Why not fix up the way you word things so “stupid” people like me can understand them better…and seriously dude who in the FUCK would call someone they don’t even know a HOE trying to degrade them in a stupid argument? Yet again you my friend are a complete moron.


  4. Yeah how is this a win? Sure cool he can do that. But it’s not like he did a good job or anything. He hacked up his bushes. That’s about all he accomplished.

  5. I thought it was entertaining. Hes on youtube trying to entertain people. Not show you how to trim your hedges differently. Stupid fucking other countries ignoring the obvious.

  6. ok Lazy win is more like it….. in the second half of the vis did you see how close it came to cutting him wtf was he thinking … try explaining how your leg got sawed off in the ER

  7. engineering win my ass <.< I hope he'll cut of a finger so he'll actually realise how dangerous this shit is not only to him but the people around him.

  8. The last part it looked like that chainsaw could have easily touch him and cut him alive and was almost getting stuck in the bush, it’s a very crazy thing to do….this is a big FAIL….

  9. its wouldnt be bad if he cut himself cus that would be 1 less redneck to worry about, but many things could have happened like the rope could have snapped or cut off, a child could have walked in his swinging path..etc etc…

    theres being stupid, and theres just being a fool

  10. After reading the majority of these comments posted I realized that some people are so naive and so stupid. They think us Americans are idiots. Well guess what you my friends are the idiots we have Bill Gates and he is smarter than all of you. I may be an idiot or stupid or whatever you want to call me. (I personally dont give a shit.) Blast me Im ready to L.O.L.

  11. He is definitly going to cut off a limb if he keeps trying to do this. He was so close to his legs a couple times in the last clip there. One of these times its going to bounce off the hedges the wrong way it is going to come straight at hime, i hope he is video taping when that happenes too, it would be alot more intertaining.

    Side Note:
    Go Steelers, Go Pens, Bo Bucs.
    Pittsburgh, the best city in the world.

  12. I gota say that was cool and he did a pretty good job. But kids please listen.. Do not try this at home. It takes a drunken redneck.

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