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    1. and when i reply to your messages that means i read every fucking word you say FUdipsht. No ignore, but still a homo.

    2. Wow dipsht sure knows alot about homos and assholes cause he sure talks about it alot XD

    3. fuk u dipshit, u homo mother fukinn retard. i bet ya mum fuked her own brotha to produce a dipshit like u.

    4. the only fail is se here is FudIpsht like seriously could you please just post ur picture with a caption in big bold letters sayinG EXISTENCE EPIC FAIL! seriously dude are u some kind of living aborted matter that some ppl found in a dumpster and tried to raise as a kid PLEASEEE……PARENTING FAIL, LIFE FAIL YOU ARE JUST A FAIL

  1. And we wonder why Columbine and Virginia Tech happened?? All they needed was a little poontang. Will someone buy this kid a hooker??

  2. What a pathetic whiny little bitch. He’s never going to get laid…only the most gigantic loser would use facebook as a forum to seek out a girlfriend. We can only hope that he followed through, and acutually killed himself…but a douche like him would not have the balls to do it

  3. look at the fucking posts ya dipshits……the “suicide” threat was on a Thursday……the most current was the day after that. Ffs common sense people….FB goes from oldest to most recent. So if the looser had killed himself, then he obviously wouldn’t be around the next day to QQ somemore….F.A.I.L.

    1. look at what? the guy with more balls on earth rips himself. I admired that guy. the world is for the weak

  4. God is better than any girl?
    God never blew me, made me a sandwich and then cleaned up my apartment before.

    1. true true they all got some std down here.
      he’s fucked but not in the way he wants it lol.

  5. I enjoy how he wants to go to Louisiana but then realizes that suicide is indeed the better option compared to the ignorant jackasses that populate the South.

  6. I like how some of his friends liked his status that “no girl wants me as a bf”. Someone needs better friends. πŸ™‚

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