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    1. wtf are you on about shower with all is family learn to speak you lost kid ill shit on your mums face ……no homo… nazi bastard……

    2. hell is a jewsih made story, not from my people sorry i dont eat shit like you do hahahaha ZIONISM IS A PLAGUE ! BUT WE HAVE THE CURE

  1. That ‘firecracker’ looks suspiciously like one of those sparklers that you put in a birthday cake. You can see him holding another unlit one in his hand. FAIL

  2. Cant understand what the fuck happend… Did he shot that kid’s foot with the lazer from his finger? O_o

    1. I just laughed so hard when I read this comment. When you look at the picture again I can totally see this! LMFAO

  3. Let’s count the fails:

    1. Real men don’t wear flip-flops. Ever.
    2. Real men don’t wear XL powder-blue shorts when they have a XXL ass. (Actually, they don’t wear powder-blue shorts. Ever.)
    3. 70’s polo shirt.
    4. Lighting sparklers by a propane tank.
    5. Scaring kid shitless with fire.
    6. WTF!? Is that a boy or a girl??

    1. i only disagree with #4. that propane tank fuels a flippin BBQ that has actual burning flames much closer to it than the sparkler. that is all.

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