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  1. Was that some hardcore Polish swearing I could hear in the background? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Translation: “f*ck! f*cking hell! f*ck!”

  2. This is why stupid people can’t get ahead in life. They spend their money on shitty cars and then fuck them up somehow. This is classic… pretty sure they exceeded the weight limitation for both the vehicle’s towing capabilities and the trailers weight restriction.

    1. “Blargh, I named myself shark and I call people faggots and gay idiots online to hide my sexual desires for men, blargh!”

  3. I worked for a contractor for a short period of time. He was flying down the highway with a trailer full of garbage from a house we were flipping. The trailer started swaying back and forth like that. The correct thing to do is SLOW THE FUCK DOWN. My stupid boss said “what did you do?” I started laughing my ass off and told him to slow down after catching my breath.

    1. You slow down but you don’t brake if you do its very lightly. Looks like i see break light right before it all goes wrong.. Mostly its the car is just too small to being towing a big ass trailer and car.

    2. I’ve heard dumbshits say that you need to speed up! WTF? How can adding more energy help the situation?

    1. It’s polish. They use “kurwa” all the time so is there any need to translate? Kurwa = fuck more or less when it comes to swearing ;).

  4. they don’t speak a lot in Polish, just 2 sentences and “fuck” few times, at the beginning they mean something like “how it flies… IT’S SWEEPING LIKE SATAN GOTS IT… OH FUCK! Push the accelerate… OH FUCK, OH FUCK… Fuuuuuck… Get the fuck out!” and so on XD

  5. 1. Jak Lata caล‚y zestaw. – tosses the whole set
    2. Miota nim jak SZATAN zaczฤ…ล‚ nim….! tosses him like SATAN, it began
    3. No kurwa, no w pizdฤ™ daj – Eh shit, more gass
    4. O ja pierdolฤ™ – Ohhh fuck
    5. O kurwa = oh shit
    6. Wysiadaj Kurwa – shit, get out of the car.

    Polish is the same but i cat choose good words for this comment. Pozdrawiam elokwentnych pasaลผerรณw, jak i kierowcฤ™. (=

  6. i think translation is this purely a guess though ,,, holy fuck i left the grill on my sausages are burning ,and my potatoes have burnt to the pan ,mand hey the stoopid fuck in front cant tell his trailer is snaking he must be from canada ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. what are they so casual?? some dude on youtube goes mental over a rainbow and thees guys act like its a every day thing

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