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  1. Wow… this chick should be expelled from the stage. What a total loser. Gets famous, then thinks she is Charlie Sheen. Winning? I think not….

    1. I am afraid so. Being first is a huge responsibilty, means you have to take it any way and place you can and with all the men you meet.

      Heh, meat lol

    1. WTF… Amy Winehouse is a fail. Drunk, Sober, sick or healthy… she’s a fail. Ask Charlie Sheen… he’s winning.

    1. TMZ reported the tickets costs $57…the household income there is $498/month…total waste of one’s money!!

    2. the household income here is about $498/month, but the ticket was 70 euro.. my friend was there, and so throw away 70 euro in the wind.. lol

    3. I am from Serbia, the country where she has “sang”, and our income is 400 $,and yes it is a total waste of money for those who listened this drug addict. And if you think better, man can’t behave like this because of alcohol, probably is drug….

  2. she’s so nasty….did she have to sing and be blitzed to be a Fail??
    i can hear the band’s thoughts when she came out on stage, “damn! bitch high again!! i gots to find a better gig!”

  3. This shit just made me so mad, I threw my cat out the window. We live the third floor, luckily they have nine lives.

    1. Sad? It’s not sad that people do crack and fuck their own lives up… it’s plain old stupid. You can’t fix stupid.

  4. Can she go ahead and die already? Its pathetic that people would pay to go see a drunk bitch stumble around on stage and slur-sing. I predict she’ll end up meeting her death by accidently walking into an oncoming train. Fingers crossed…

  5. Wow. How pathetic. Makes me feel sorry for the people who deal with her and for those who bought the tickets. Which is why I never go to a live concert unless the person is reallllyyy good live.

  6. Only Shane Macgowan pulls off going drunk as balls on stage and putting a great show. And lives to tell the story!

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