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  1. I’m guessing HeartBreak Princess is either having a very long period, or she’s trying to become a PrisonBreak Princess. I love her full of shit though.

  2. No racist white person goes to heaven so say all you can before you burn in hell and get all the tanned skin you want fuckers.

  3. actually that is exactly what he wrote. if you what to finish your sentence you put a . you don’t write the word period.

  4. How come this guy’s mother didn’t know how to spell Antoine? I’m seeing a lot of this lately. Mothers, don’t name your kid something you don’t know how to spell!!

  5. he used the word period in a sentence where it wasnt needed instead he should of written “you dont drink at all or regardless of the occassion ?”

  6. My goodness its 2011 and WHITE people are still prejudice, I mean really get a life instead of worrying about others. It’s sickening to see this still going on what are you guys so upset about?? We paid our dues just like everyone else even more so. People you need to pray to Jesus that he doesn’t hold this against you, the human race is only .01% different when it comes to other so called races, you know what that means WE ARE ALL ONE RACE SO STOP HATING YOURSELVES!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!

    1. I’m not a racist, I’m an ethnicist. I believe the following:
      Obama more than doubled the deficit in ONE TERM, lost your only chance black people. No more presidential slots for you for another 250 years. Simply shouldn’t even hold elected offices. Always starting shit with people instead of just sucking it up and dealing with in a more civilized manner.
      Muslims just want to kill anyone that isn’t a Middle Eastern Muslim
      Jews… Not a problem, they are very smart people.
      Asians are cool, as long as we are not referring to China or North Korea.
      Africans (from Africa) might as well be the breeding-grounds for new diseases.
      South Americans STILL can’t control their people, and they were “settled” by white-skinned people long before North America.
      Mexico is cool, but they need to go through proper immigration channels.
      White people are just distant now because of the affects of globalization. If you are white and go to a predominantly white town, you will have no problems as long as you don’t start shit. If you are black and go to a predominantly black area, you will likely get forced into gang-life or drug-use.

      It is all simple observations, but these observations are considered racist (which is not even a logical term since there is only one human race) because people can’t accept the truth.

      If you think I am wrong, take a look around your local town. Tell me what you notice, truthfully. I bet it looks a lot like what I said!

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