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  1. lol @ his singstar mic for black ops this is why people who know how to play get kill counts so fast thanks kid 😀

    1. Dude not one person cares about facing you 1v1 on COD. Playing COD wont get you any pussy pal. BUT i hope you keep livin the dream

  2. lol that game sucks anyway. it takes about two days two master and then once your good at it its the same shit over and over and over. also ive done 1v1 with friends on live just to see how many shots it takes to kill. usually 4-6 and sometimes up to 15! fuck that shit. id rather play project reality, armma or a video game that takes skill 13 year olds cant grasp.

    1. Totally agree, games like that one are fooling people vis-à-vis the potency and lethality of weapons.
      Could’ve tried harcore mode, though, before posting this x-]

    2. @Armstrong: did you just write “vis-a-vis” on a thread about COD? WHat are you, a linguist?

  3. What the hell is wrong with this guy? it’s just a game, he’s acting like he is in a real war i want to see him do this in a real war not THIS… fail

    1. Testicular Elephantitis is a bias RPG player who lives in the basement of his mothers house jerking off to WoW porn.
      The game doesn’t create the player…dick head

  4. Lmao! Really!? That shit is hilarious! So he threw his mic. Threw some other shit. Then smacks his tv from 1997 and falls out of his dads office chair. Priceless! He should go get a job so he can upgrade to hd. Maybe he’ll get more kills instead of hurting his fast ass mid section falling out of chair because he sucks at cod lol. Sad….

  5. i’ve only had my xbox for a couple months, and i’ve gotten pretty decent at black-ops.
    but now,thanks to seeing this wonderful, intelligent kid’s technique, i know for sure how to become the master.
    thankyou, bro.

  6. OMG I love this fail! jajaja i cant stop ahhh 😀 JAJAJjajaja i remember when i was playing someone like this guy was screaming like that !! awesosme! jajaj

  7. This kid is idiot.Really though,I don’t hate Black Ops,but it isn’t a very good Call of Duty game at all.The hit detection is shit,and community is awful.People,stop camping or just play COD4 or MW2.

  8. this guy is such a fagitron cod black ops isnt that gd mw2 is better anyway wat a fag ,who throws a mic…wat a pussy!

  9. Even more of a fail oh how he hardscoped and went oh yea get no scoped and how he said he would quickscope but hardscoped

  10. Hey, i want that kid to know that he is a fatass and he sucks at Blck ops and any other game….and that his mother shud screw him

  11. This game and the people who play it represent everything wrong with the gaming industry today.

    1. This game happens to be the entire gaming industry for shooters. Pretty stupid thing to say on your part really. Ya dusty old fart.

  12. He is the reason I play on the PC and not the console.
    Majority of the players on console are teenagers.

    I hope this kid rage quits on life.

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