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  1. actually this is not funny at all. this is classic animal behavior of caged animals that have been neglected and placed in small caged over long periods of time with no stimuli.they go kinda crazy.I very much doubt this gorilla is having fun.

    1. actually PETA is responsible for over 2,500 animal deaths last year. im sure this gorilla is much happier dancing in a cage than dead.

    2. I agree animals are not meant for entertainment if they were he would have made them slaves ( which some people consider them)

  2. I can see this same shit going on down at the local 7-11 parking lot by the local schwartzes.
    Really not much of an evolutionary step.

  3. Yeah, this is depressing… imagine spending your entire life inside a concrete box when you’re supposed to be outside and free…

    1. then imagine if this animal escaped the cement cage and ripped your mothers jaw from her face… even more depressing.

    1. Yes… and all humans descended from Blacks, idiot. They may explain why White people can’t dance for shit–the rhythm gene got diluted.

    1. LMAO @ Here we see the Petersen family, with fhtaer Mark, mother Edna, daughter Tina, younger daughter Ellen, and uncle Robert, who came as Hitler. I noticed the gorilla mask right away.Emphasis test.

    1. yep & both blacks that can dance and that gorilla are more talented than youll ever be. =]

    1. for god’s sake, thanks Jon. you’d think folks would be able to pick out the closest living relative to humans by now, but apparently not all humans have evolved that far yet…

    2. 9 year old female gorilla named Zola from the Calgary zoo in Canada your a fucking idiot what chimpanzee is black

  4. The poor bastard is so bored in its cage, it’s taught itself a combination of break and tap dancing FTW

    1. She is a 9 year old female gorilla from the Calgary zoo in Canada her name is Zola once again female gorilla when have you ever seen a black chimpanzee dumbass

  5. It’s actually an old female gorilla key differences behavioral pattern body shape coloration and size So good job dumbasses

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