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  1. this isn’t really a fail, its just nothingness isn’t it? Why even give this (what i assume to be) slag any recognition at all, good or bad? You fail epicfail, you fail hard.
    Oh, and first too.

    1. guess whos back bitches sorry i haven’t been around iv been in the forest rapping trees with ma chainsaw you guys miss me….come gimme some love ya bitches.. i know you love me and this site is boring without me…….admit it god dam it… btw first to say first reply to first comment so betsybigwhitestallion suck on my left testicle …no homo…

    2. dipsht-jew is back, finally, guess what? Another train is leaving for Auschwitz and you will LOVE it ! Jews and Homos United for as One ! in the same grave 😀

    3. and by the way ! First ! to fuck your fat jew mom with a frozen vomit dildo stick 😀 😀 😀

    4. Little tip: putting “no homo” at the end of your posts makes you look as if you have a severe case of repressed homosexuality.

    5. worst thread ever… you sound like a bunch of fat kids who discovered a history book and watch cnn…

    1. your name makes me imagine a huge white woman who, while simply breathing, makes really weird hollow noises… and smells like horse shit..

  2. LOL…production value = $ 2.89
    Yeah..lets shoot some dipshit music video in some stagnant back water lagoon filmed by a 12 year old with an I-Phone.
    Fucks sake……and this is what passes for “pop music” today?

    1. Yep…and there are worse. Just look up some of those American fail singers (like Kim Kardashian or Christina Aguilera’s melodic grunting…and yes…one word can be as long as a sentence) and especially zero talent Latin American female “singers” like Ninel Conde, or the nasaly Jenni Rivera and Latina Americans don’t even care that they always lip sinc…lol.

    1. No not really…Not even the plaatic in her boobs would look good. She’s fake. Not just her body, but her whole life seems a big fail and big fake(and gayzor too).
      Perhaps if she’d been a ginger…

  3. yeahh… i wouldn’t wanna be her friend.. it would be kinda awkward walking into her house and seeing her 51 year old husband…

  4. My prediction: At age 17, husband is going to be jailed for taping more than just that music video on the lake. Age 18: She’s going into porn. Age 19: Her drug addiction will fuel an epic outburst of criminal charges. Age 35: Dead.

    1. Hmm. Would your handle my investments? Er…lottery numbers?
      But what else could she be successful at?
      Then again, she may wind up being a rocket scientist. HA! Hahahahahaha!

    2. Yeah, if by rocket scientist you mean ‘nose rockets made of cocaine.’


  5. @ djarum.. that’s so true!! Honestly, I don’t believe she’s 16, she looks way older… but maybe is the excessive plastic surgeries (think of Heidi Montag)

  6. Until I saw this, I had no idea who the bimbo was. So, after reading the comments and a bit of reading. This is a Multi-Epic Fail…
    1. The whole Video, itself and “song” if you can call it that, Hell I think RB’s “song” was better. lmao
    2. Parenting Epic Fail of letting her marry a 51 year old “Manager”/Bit part actor. Nowhere on his official site does it say that he’s a manger.
    3. If they are living in Calif, pretty sure the cops could still show up and charge him for rape, since she’s still not a legal adult. not 100% on that, but it wouldn’t surprise me.
    4. Says she was home schooled, kind of self explanatory there.
    5. Her new hubby is older than her dad. lmao.
    No reason to keep going. This is just to stupid. Nominate for the Darwin Awards, and don’t let her parents have more, or her have any kids.

    1. No, parents are just getting desperate. Since Jessica Black, the ‘American Dream’ feels like it’s in the fingertips of all the dumb idiots in the USA. The USA is such a mess…

    2. That “black” chick didnt start the get rich off being bad fad …. what was that Asians name from American Idol that did “she bangs, she bangs?” We should blame him and American Idol imo

    1. She don’t look like the type that would let anybody do her, without a video camera.
      I expect to see her next video at efukt, Heavy-R and Humor On.

  7. I would put her over my knee, lift her skirt up and give her a spanking she wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

  8. Fail? Who cares if she can sing? Look at her! She is Hott! Case closed, it is a win for her new husband. He can smash her for 3 or 4 years with her looking like this and then she will hit her prime. Imagine she is only going to get hotter!
    The fail here is caring about her singing, look at her! OK, yes she is only 16 and it is creepy to say she is hott. But man is she hott!

  9. So… since she’s sixteen and all… *cough cough oldface cough* I guess we’re supposed to believe she’s drinking cola out of that pink bong?

    1. Too bad you don’t know what the that thing in your pants is actually called let alone meant to be used for.

  10. I think the funniest bit is the hilarious attempt to look exotic (or even stylish) in a place that flees the very definition. I live in Ocean Shores (this was shot in the canals) and don’t get me wrong, I love it here, I moved here for a reason, but while Ocean Shores is many things, it ain’t Malibu.

  11. That is a minute and 36 seconds of my life in which I will never get back because wasted listening to a song that this hot chick sang, which made no sense. Bullshit she is only 16, maybe her implants are!

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