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  1. What bro, no I didn’t break that it wazzz like tat when I got here….. when was that by the way? *Blank stare*

  2. Typical fucking meat-head pricks. If work out daily, or weigh more than 200lbs, tan, drive a Jeep TJ and wear swimming trunks everywhere… go fuck yourself…

    1. something tells me your deepest desire is to be one of these douchebags, but your dorky exterior wont allow it…. its ok buddy

    2. oh no… I’m fine. Not dorky at all. Just not a greasy tanned up fucking douchebag who spends 4 hours a day looking into a mirror while taking HGH and musclemilk… My gf is hot… chicks like money more than they like assholes who call people dorks..

  3. Daaaaammmmmnnnnn!!! This is why you shouldn’t get drunk. Not because you might do something like this but you never know the possibilities of something far worse happening. Getting drunk just makes you look bad period.

    1. actually, the better part of getting drunk is not remembering the stupid shit you did while intoxicated…. therefore, it didnt happen

  4. This video is made 4 times more annoying by the typical phone camera dick who doesn’t understand how a video works.

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