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    1. that’s not her leg. It’s the guy whom she had eaten prior to the party, he just fell out.

  1. These people are getting so fat and lazy they have devolved into not using something as simple and childlike as fucking shoe laces.

    1. she does have shoe laces dumb shit look at the BLACK laces coming from the shoe thats tied… wow

    1. Well, they need all the help they can get, I guess. And since nature abhors a vacuum, I guess that’s why they’re good at BJs, too.

    2. Well…I think the splits are due to her legs not being able to bare her weight anymore. Looks like she’s in pain…lol.

    3. I think that if those jeans survive this abuse, they should be awarded the Medal of Honor and a Purple Heart. They’ve got to be taking on some injuries.

    1. by the look on her face it probably wasnt intentional, her legs started sliding outwards and once they got to a certain point gravity took over and she couldnt help herself.

  2. GOOD thing the floor didn’t FAIL
    i feel sorry for her!!!
    but still WHAT THE HELL DID SHE DO THAT!..

  3. WTFFFFFFFF, imagine if it was a glass floor we could see through on the other side. wow wow wow wow wow, sadly my dick is hard.

  4. lil john when white people suck off theyre own mommies and daddies that brings me a lil sick in my throat, get iver yourself u nazi the white is far from fucking perfect asshole

  5. LOL! You dumb fucks are jealous as hell because you can’t do a split like that. And her face looks like that because she was clearly still in the process of doing the split. At least she’s out dancing. You retards are just sitting at home talking shit because you’re losers. :p

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