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    1. 1 that ain’t American built nothing barely is
      2 if it was an American he would have used duck tape
      3 look at the plate no state is named cotter

    2. @djarum:”1 that ain’t American built nothing barely is”
      Better not tell the unions that. They’ll burn a cross in your ass. Then, nonchalantly, walk bsck to their workstations, read their books or loaf around while they earn their $75 per hour wages.

    3. The only thing American’s are good at fabricating is war, money and dumb fucks. Some might argue that their money isn’t well fabricated, and I would agree. AMERICA BLOWS at EVERYTHING!

    4. good thing they didnt blow at saving Europes ass twice, or you’d be speaking German… plus i dont really care for this dying country too much, try to take my words less serious, its THE INTERNET FAGS!!!

    5. p.s.
      chevy is still actually built in america @djarum. it only takes 15 seconds to google something. try it next time you decide to make another retard “fyi” statement…

    6. @TheLoveJungle: Some of us don’t have to rely on “google” to know what we know. Some of us have experience. That means we’ve got out of the house and lived life. But beware: Living life is dangerous to your health. Doctors, lawyers, dieticians, politicians, psychiatrists and search engines will, of course, tell you otherwise.

    7. @TheLoveJungle: BTW: To the best of my knowledge, the casts and the basic engine parts are made in Uhmerica. The rest is made and assembled in other countries. Then sent here and the final assembly is performed here. That’s the way it was a few years ago, anyway. Has there been a big change where it’s all been moved back to the Uh.S.?

    8. @djarum correction: if it was a MAN he would have used duct tape and no there is no state named cotter that’s the licence plate COVER most likely Cotter Chevrolet the dealer where this suv was purchased. But seriously what state has a freakin rainbow for a licence plate? im surprised there’s not a little unicorn prancing about on there as well.

    9. Thanks for the corrections guys and @ jungle boy there maybe you should do more research before correcting… or maybe get your pastey black ass outside

    1. And it should work till he gets time to get it fixed. Some people have to continue working and can’t stop and run to the repair shop, sit all day, and send sext messages like Tea Party(Shamed Faced Republican) pussies do.

  1. Shut your mouth fred, quit being a one-upper and know it all. This is a site to laugh at funny pics, not a swinging dick contest = /

    1. Ok. I’ll shut up. Somebody tells me to shut up and I shut up. Hell, there aint no sense in just keep on talking if no one wants to hear what you have to say, so I shut up. Cause I hate it when someone’s told to shut up and they just keep on rattling on. That’s why I shut up when told to shut up. And if you really want me to shut up, hell, I’ll shut up.

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