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    1. look dickhead dont say lol when ogdork is in da house with this crazy israeli shit yaa Diggggggggggggg

    2. first to say first yeah i new i can do it fuck ye….. ye ye yeahhhhhh bitches!!!! long live Israel death to all anti Semitic bastards i will melt my man juice in all the haters mums mouths… shalom ogdork mazel tov……dw about these losers they just hate because dey cant be like us… you cant be Jews you haters…. so dont discriminate…. jsut love us and celebrate yeahhhhhhhhhh its good to be jew and yes know im the best thing that has happened to epicfail… i put the epic in this site and u haters just fail…. yes im toooo freaking good…shalom shalom shalom!!! mwa mwa mwa hugs hugs hugs … dick strait in your mums ass 😀 ….. btw no homo dude no fucking homo…i aint no homo.. me not homo…. no homo

      Jewish piece of shit
      😀 I Fuck all of your fat ugly long-nose jewish whore with a dead pig while your dad swallows my NOT-Kasher juice
      juden raus ! 😉
      i laught at pictures of your dead familly 😀
      Bis zum letzen trophen blut
      total VOLKERMORD 😀

    4. DAYUM @FUdipsht u gonna hurt that little bitche’s feelings LOL. . I thinkz he’z upset bekuz there hide & seek king osama bin laden iz dead LMAO

    5. Ima Ima Ima Mason str8 outa tel aviv rollin on 20s and i got ZION tatted on my NECK my hebrew niggas

  1. ill get you wiped off this map i know freemasons high Rankers get ur head blown of ur shoulder with this israeli shit SHALOM HOMIE

    1. And the award for biggest douche-wad in the comment section goes to (drum roll please)…: OgDoRk!! Wow, congratulations!! And the runner up is…:Nazwayalch!! Congratulations to both of you, you’re both giant douche-wads!! 😀

    2. long live Israel the land of child murderers we killed Jesus as well and we are proud of it……. yeeee… what you pussy’s gonna do about it…

    3. jews are stupid egnough to believe in ”god” and think we give a fuck about jesus (yeah he was a jew also haha idiot)

      fuck your tradition
      fuck your mom with a pig


    4. Damn , kinda makes me wish Hitler had hung on for another few years and finished the great work that he started.

    5. @FUdipsht IF you HAVE to quote hitler then please learn german you jackass and by the way he didn’t only kill jews so shut the f*ck up!

    6. @OgDoRk….. Dude,Fremasonry rituals are about acrhitectural Symbolism, pluse their motto is “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”. If that’s not enough for you, they focus mainly on charity work, and were formed in scotland, NOT (again for your thick skull, NOT) Isreal. all that being said, you’re a dope……Go Die…..

  2. not only she’s a damn cheating whore but his best friends don’t seem to have any proper qualities as friends either if they give in… poor fella

  3. sadly, probably not fake. Bitches are all sluts these days. It’s easier to get laid in a shopping mall than it is at a bar…

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