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    1. Like i said i know Deep Freemasons ill get you looking like swiss cheese mother fckers Respect from Tel Aviv

    2. NO you don’t know “deep” Freemasons. You are so full of crap, not too mention I’ll bet a Freemason couldn’t stand to be in your company with the bullshit that comes out of your mouth. I hardly understand your sentence, nevermind your logic. Please do us all a favour and stick to viewing Epic Fail to remind yourself that there is people like you out in this world.

    1. ahahahah come up with some new marital u loser…you are so obsessed with me that u carry my name you want me bad dont you….. why are jews so good at pissing the world offf 😀 😀 😀 and ye i will fuck you your mum with my kosher leg of lamb …… ps i will do your dads ass blow my load in him and make him shit it out in your mouth….no homo

    2. Dipsht you are homo talking about getting off his father. You are as much of a fag as Hitler was a gay Jewish self hater like yourself

    3. it never gets old !
      Auschwitz, a nice place for jews and homos
      you seen to be addicted to gay porn 😀 sick jew !
      -camp kommander-

    4. dipsht , he OWNS your gay ass boy , give up on the heeb angle and the tired old mom jabs.

      FUdipsht is the WINNNNNNNNARRRRR

      dnt forget we fucked up JFK for trying to expose US you filthy dogs of society Shalom from TEL AVIV Freemason Assasin

    6. LMWAO
      Your a Joke !
      Typical jew-boy
      ARBEIT MARCH FREI ! remember ?
      israel is the most racist country on earth

  1. And they let that culture walk around freely with guns. That is going to be one fucked up generation let me tell you.

  2. ogdork,your an dare you claim yourself a freemason,a freemason has no hatred in his heart,shalom,SHALOM,are you serious,freemason do not signify a religon,any religon,we all are equal,if you were a real freemason you would know this,your more than likely a idiot that tried to get into freemasonry,but was blackballed and couldn’ need to just let it go,and move on with your pathetic life.just because you couldn;t get in the masons doesn’t mean you should make them look bad,by posing as one..grow up,and get a life….

  3. To everyone : Fuk you all, your all shit, Britian will shit over every one of your flags and feed em to ya kids, fucking wastemans. BRITAIN FTFW! end of snm.

  4. total fail on a kids game, neighbor got this for her kids and a few days later got rid of it do to the kids having pockets full of real dog shit, wasnt a very bright idea for a game

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