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    1. i hafta say that i actually feel bad for ya. this is actually the excitement goin on in your life. i think you needa jus get laid, or hit in the head or somethin. dont be afraid to take the ugliest girl home from the party. get out and get into a fight once in a while. you should live your life, and not waste your youth. you wont regret it

    2. @CooGaBUGZz: He’s learned that Thursdays and Saturdays are the main big days that new fails are posted. So, he and his ilk have dedicated those days to fighting for first. The rest of the days are PlayStation days.

    3. dipsht is a jew-boy addicted to gay porn
      is father did lots of bondage to him early in is life
      Juden Raus !
      -camp kommander-

    4. dipsht im fucking tired of seeing your name all over this site, either stfu or GTFO, your wasting peoples valuable comment reading time.

    5. I congratulate dipshit on being first again and again as usual it is cause ZION is on his side

    1. i hafta say id totally do her… not the redhead ;).. i told my dr. this and she up’d my lithium

    2. The reason why the doc up’d it was because you were talking about fucking bird… so you were the zoo keeper couple years ago the gave the penguins gonorrhea

  1. Freemasons = Zionist = puppet
    Muslim = terrorist
    christian = Jewish infiltrated religion
    Judaism = gods people
    Zionism = peace and love

    1. I don’t think you have any space to talk about religious material due to your sexual insecurity “no homo boy”

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