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    1. RespEct Str8 OuTa Tel Aviv Yaaaa diggggggggggggggggggggg im deep in these streets rollin with a freemason hit the corner start freebasin

      Still laugthing at pictures of piles of dead jews from ww2

    3. lol i was gonna make a comment on space expanding, but the first comment was smart enough to do so… that’s a win for fellowfailure ๐Ÿ˜›

  1. An the sad thing is she didn’t even drink. Her massive fat body is having withdrawls from not eating hahaha

    1. Wow, its amazing how ppl react to someone for doing something they enjoy. Grow up and look in the mirror and make fun of urself, bc I am SURE There is plenty to make fun of you. Ur not perfect.

    1. Hi, moron. Try using punctuation. Otherwise you just sound like a moron.

      Then again, on second thought, you wouldn’t want to lie to anyone. So, please continue to advertise your stupidity. Just don’t tell anyone that you are my son.

    2. Sorry but last I heard no girl has touched you. I guess you gotta get attention where ever you can get it eh?

  2. Oh yeah, and check out the black hole next to those stars, it must take you to a new dimension, enter at your own risk!!

  3. As a tattooist, I’m going to make a massive request for the world to start shaming fat people even harder. We’re going to need wayyy more bullying for this shit to stop. Either that or it should become the norm that the obese wear collars that count calories and start choking the life out of them once they exceed the daily required calorie intake. This shit isn’t cute, and how the hell did it get this bad in the first place?

  4. Person in this photo: “Well, everyone calls me The Big Dipper, so I thought it would make a neat tattoo.”

  5. 2 everybody that replied with a Negative posts Whats the Matter with u people & what have u done 4 the Planet lately. u have Sad Lives if all u can do is HATE.

    1. wow ‘wowpeople’ I can’t believe the douche that you are by wasting your time, commenting to everyone else about being rude, on a site that is all about being rude to other people. I’m guessing this is a pic of you! LMAO

  6. Why did she even make tattoos on her belly :/ if it’s obviously not beautiful to show. Specially making a picture of it and uploading somewhere :/ No good comments to wait from that !

  7. Why do fat people try to do non-fat people things? Like have “cute” tattoos. Nobody wants to see that crap. Well… except for that weird guy w the fetish for ugly, smelly feet.

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