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    1. nah, the fat one on the left did, so they tried to get creative in covering it up. see how her arms are crossed… shes not happy with that.

    2. She needs to look at herself naked in a mirror not their fault she eats junk like a PIG’ Keep eating fatty you still can fold your arms son your hands will NOT touch. I love it when fatty think that they are skinny or even normal.

    3. @Rick Mack, That is so mean. You dont know her life so please dont judge her. Im not sure but based on their hair style this picture looks like its from 2006, give or take a year. so you never know she could be thinner now.

  1. These chicks are not hot… dumb self-entitled american chicks… just sit on the cars hood, no big deal. Eat some more fast food, no big deal…

  2. They need a fat friend around them at all times- look at them they’re nothing but “butter faces”. -__-

  3. why does a fat nasty bitch always think people want to see her ugly ass? I’m not just talking about this picture. Their is always some cow squeezing her fat ass next to somebody like someone wants to see that shit lol.

  4. its sad that the one not fitting in has the best face… the one on the far right looks like a meth head, the one on the far left has a huge forehead and 2 lazy eyes, the two in the middle look like lady-boys.

  5. Acording to family guy theory, at the begenign there were 7 girls and very soon there will be two fat ones and one slim

  6. In a group of hot (or in this case, semi-attractive) chicks, there’s always a DUFF. Designated Ugly Fat Friend.

  7. Funny how they always have that ONE fat nasty friend (w butt cheese). Funnier that the one nasty friend would be the first to drop to her knees.

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