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    1. Lady gaga is acualy a good person.
      Just because she can be herself, that no need to insult her.
      Oh and remeber, you are what you say.
      She goes, you go.=)

    2. LMFAO LADY CACA!!! You put makeup on a dog turd and its still a dog turd.. THE BITCH IS UGLY!! Oh yeah, epic fail forgot to mention TAN FAIL as well..

    3. Shadow, if you truly believe she is a “good” person, then you’re an idiot.
      And no, you aren’t what you say. Where the fuck did you get that bullshit saying from>

    4. “Lady gaga is acualy a good person.”
      And htf do you know that? Is she a personal acquaintance of yours? I hate when people think they know what a particular celebrity is like, even though they have never met them and therefore have nothing to fucking base it on. Idiots. =)

    5. @SkinnyAmerican
      Talking shit about people who thin they know a celebrity .BUT HOW DO YOU KNOW SHES A GOOD PERSON ??


    6. Agreed, and from what Jerry seinfeld who actualy met her at a baseball game stated shes a jerk, she was drunk and annoying. and SHE WEARS MEAT!!

  1. She looks like she’s taking a huge cock in her ass.
    Anyone on here that finds their make-up attractive is fucking mental.

  2. True that these bitches look musty as hell nasty skanks if you like how they look you must not like yourself that much hahaha

  3. i think it looks like those things bitches put over their eyes when they go to a tanning bed, and not make-up.
    just sayin

  4. Bitch on left would’ve been hot had it not been for the excessive amount of makeup, along with her shitty-dyed hair.

  5. You idiots, this is HALLOWEEN make-up 😀 We tried to make something like GANGURO 😉
    All of you with these comments are epic fails 😉
    Take care of yourselves guys, if you want to see the real us u can find one of us on FACEBOOK named Eva Wild (or u can write Savimyla)

    1. Just because your hot doesn’t mean we won’t make fun of you. Post some more pics and whatever they may be, we’ll give you shit about them.

  6. wow i love how these two skinny bitches think they are hot but they look like oompa loompas(spelling) BAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA

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