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    1. i should be first you maggot stop stalking this site its my job…… yours sincerely friendly neighborhood troll…… no homo

    2. So the one on the left is OgDork and the one on the right is Dipsht wow now we all know what they look like and wow they are gay ass bitches

  1. All three of these guys have fag hairdos and seeing how there are zero women in that little bar of theirs… FAGS!

    1. You obviously know very little about the UK. If a guy did this, he’d have to emigrate to a country which seems to think such behaviour is acceptable (no names mentioned *coughs* USA) as his life wouldn’t be worth living. Guys here either get a proper tan (if they’re image-obsessed enough), or are happy with their natural skin colour. I have NEVER seen a tango’d man in the UK (although I’ve seen plenty of tango’d women).

  2. Ya so um… I’m used to jersey girls lookin like complete r-tards, but at least the boys looked like “normal” ppl. Even if they act like they have thumbs up their @$$…

  3. The one on the left rested his forehead on the one on the rights abs while he blew his dick. Fags go to hell!

  4. Wow! there are a lot of closet-cases commenting on here. remember this…the person who is the most vocal against something such as homosexuality is usually struggle or in denial about feeling/acting the same way 🙂

    1. Uh, oh. Watch out for Shannon the online head shrink. Something tells me that Frazier Crane has more qualifications that Shannon.

      Hey Shannon I’ll give you my 2 cents. I’m such a “closet case” I went out and got married ten years ago. I guess my fagness hasn’t fully flared up yet since I’m still married. As one of your “closet cases” I’m sick of the less than 3% of the country’s population making the 97% bow down to their needs and desires. Fuck the 3%, fuck the 3 fags in the picture and fuck you too Shannon. Cunt.

    2. Wow, you’re married and you’re using the “c” word? You’re “wife” is a lucky woman. Sounds like you’re a little on the defensive side. Naming calling at your age. Sad.

  5. I notice there’s so many gay-bashers commenting on here but I don’t see any of them posting their opinions with their full name included. Goes to show how fucking ignorant and SIMPLE MINDED people really are…have to hide behind some bullshit screen name. And people wonder why our society is so fucked up! Look at the shit people have to say about others that they don’t even know! hahaha Can’t wait to see their murdered faces on the news because of some stupid shit they spouted off with.

  6. I am pretty sure this is from a Jersey Shore party…a lot of colleges and bars had them. They are SUPPOSE to be orange. It’s starting to fade out, thank goodness!

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